Kurt Geiger Made In Italy Collection

Kurt Geiger, Made In Italy. This sounds a bit crazy and unusual. Kurt Geiger is a well-established British footwear brand (Sorry for the technical definition) and you would be expecting their shoes to be produced in UK. I think most of them are! However, Kurt Geiger recently revealed a new series of women shoes that are made in Italy. 
Why made in Italy? Italian manufacturing for automotive is not well-known for reliability but, they are really good making shoes! Nearly all luxury shoe brands are manufactured in Italy. So Kurt Geiger does.
What is the benefit? First of all Kurt Geiger charges you with a premium price but when you compare with the other premium shoe brands, £295 is not that much! And here some of them Made In Italy Kurt Geiger shoes but the collection is only limited with women
Did Made In Italy change my perception to Kurt Geiger? Yes!

Belgravia £250

Belgravia £295

Bond £270

Brent £295

Brent £295

Britton £250

Britton £250
Fox Glove £275

Juniper £250

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