Jaguar vs. Mercedes Chicken | Jaguar XJ vs. Mercedes S-Class

Jaguar vs. Mercedes chicken video teases the Mercedes S-Class Magic Body Control. And emerges the ultimate competition; Mercedes S-Class vs Jaguar XJ and the winner is Mercedes S-Class, unfortunately. Because, the new S-Class is the biggest gadget on this planet and it has every kind of technology that features on an Airbus. Except, emergency slides and reverse thrust and oxygen masks and pressurised cabin. But I am expecting to see these technologies on up-coming S-Class.
Anyway Jaguar USA decided to tease or make fun of the Mercedes S-Class’s very creative advertisement for the Magic Body Control that features a chicken. 
And what is Magic Body Control? It is basically, the most sophisticated suspension system on this planet. I think Mars Curiosity Rover has a very better system but it is on Mars at the moment and driven by aliens. The Magic Body Control scans the road with stereo cameras (I really don’t know why two cameras) and adjusts the suspension according to road conditions to offer the maximum comfort. Magic Body Control is more advanced version of Active Body Control (ABC). This technology is based hydraulic suspension and offers the Rolls Royce comfort with a lower price tag. Literally, S-Class is like an Easy Jet ticket when you compare with Rolls Royce Phantom.
On the other side is the Jaguar XJ from 2004, sorry 2013. Unfortunately, Jaguar XJ is not in gadget category. It offers some how technology but all those technologies were already available on W220 S-Class that revealed on 1998! Despite the aging technology of XJ, it looks way better and made from aluminium. And offers more sportive driving experience. And Jaguar wanted to receive benefit from the sportive driving character by teasing the Mercedes S-Class’s Magic Body Control technology. 
Fine, you are right Mercedes packs up the best technology with a very boring design. They call conservative, I called it boring. You cannot associate a S-Class with a young person. Even though the gadget lovers will love the S-Class but they will be hesitating own one due its face. On the other hand, Jaguar XJ looks amazing but that’s all. It cannot detect a speed bump and adjust the firmness of suspension or detect a bicycle on the road and break, cannot drive by itself on traffic jam, cannot stop itself by pre-sensing a crash. XJ is more emotional car.
Anyway, Jaguar will become viral and I am contributing to that. However, being viral will help to increase sales? Don’t think so. Which one I would buy? Audi A8.
And next post will be, how to be the top of blacklist of press officers in three steps :)