Aston Martin Mahindra & Mahindra vs. Lamborghini

Lamborghini vs. Aston Martin, they may sound similar but they are totally different. Comparing Lamborghini and Aston Martin is a bit quite wrong. Because, Lamborghini is a pure lunatic sports car with shocking acceleration and I have no idea how comfortable to drive in long journeys. And Lamborghini has a tendency to look like a stealth jet fighter.
On the other hand, Aston Martin is a GT! You can drive an Aston Martin for long journeys and you won’t feel tired. Unlike Lamborghini, Aston Martin does not accelerate in lunatic levels and there is no tendency to look like a stealth jet fighter.
So, what is the mutual point of Lamborghini and Aston Martin! Here it is, tractor! 
Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. is owned Volkswagen Group but the real Lamborghini still produces tractors, because it is their core business. When Ferruccio Lamborghini complained about his Ferrari 250GT regarding to its poorly made clutch, Enzo Ferrari advised him not to discuss about sports car while manufacturing tractors and the story started from here. However, years later Automobili Lamborghini left the main company. Don’t worry, there is no connection with Automobili Lamborghini and tractor manufacturer Lamborghini.
However, Aston Martin is going to share the similar fate with Lamborghini. Mahindra & Mahindra is a well-known tractor manufacturer all around the world. Thus, Aston Martin is going to have the fate of Lamborghini in opposite direction. Don’t worry Aston Martin’s clutch will not be replaced with Mahindra & Mahindra tractors’.
In terms of business, this will improve the Aston Martin. Because, selling tractors are more profitable than selling niche sports car. So, Aston Martin will have the financial support to improve their vehicles and offer more competitive features. As I always said, Aston Martins must have electric seat adjustment and seat ventilation. These are the musts of the business!
If one day, an engineer in Mahindra & Mahindra modifies a tractor with an Aston Martin engine, I won’t be shocked!

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