Ferrari Manettino Switch: What is That Red Knob on Ferrari’s Steering Wheel?

What is that red knob on Ferrari’s steering wheel? I heard this question many times for quite some time. People don’t know what is the red knob or switch place on each Ferrari’s steering wheel. It is called Manettino.

Manettino switch enables Ferrari drivers to change the characteristics of their Ferrari between different settings. Except Ferrari California, Manettino switch settings are; WET, SPORT, CT OFF and ESC OFF. Driver can choose between these settings by moving the Manettino switch on desired position, however you cannot move the Manettino into ESC OFF settings. To choose ESC OFF settings, you need to hold the switch at ESC OFF position for couple seconds and the Ferrari selects that settings. ESC OFF means, everything is off except airbags and ABS!

Who designed the Manettino? Manettino is designed by Frank Stephenson and he was inspired by the knobs on the Ferrari’s F1 car’s steer wheel. Literally, Manettino switch is directly transferred from the Formula 1 technology.