Interview with John Rawlings (PR Manager, VW Commercial Vehicles UK)

Today I was with John Rawlings, PR manager of VolkswagenCommercial Vehicles UK. This was my first interview in commercial vehicles segment. And I was excited; until now I was taking pictures and doing interview in passenger vehicle segment. Commercial vehicles were a bit far for me! However, I had spent more time and had more fun than passenger vehicles.
We did the interview inside a VW California van. It is based on Transporter, however California is designed for camping from A to Z. Let me start with exterior, you have an expandable tent on the right side, and also you may have it on the left side. Two camping chairs are place inside a specially designed pocket on luggage door. The roof is expandable for sleeping and for daily living. Driver and passenger seats rotate 360-degree very easily. Four adults can sleep very comfortable inside the California. Also, there is a very cleverly designed foldable table. Actually, you may use that table at home as well. There are lots of places to hang, lots of curtains, pockets and many more things. I was playing with Volkswagen California for hours and still there were something more.
As you can see, I was excited with Volkswagen California :)
With John, we talked about the difference between commercial and passenger vehicles in terms of public relations. I was wondering about this difference, because commercial vehicles are sold for commercial reasons and there might be some critical differences.  We talked about how commercial vehicles became popular in passenger vehicles segment, John told about the history of VW’s commercial vans and how they were emerged. Also, he mentioned about the technology transfer from VW passenger vehicles to commercial vehicles. Lastly, the importance of social media for commercial vehicles.
There will more coming in following days!