Bugatti Veyron vs. McLaren P1 in Knightsbridge (SW1) London

The ultimate comparison! Bugatti Veyron (1200 HP) vs. McLaren P1! Who is the winner? Actually, none of them is the winner, because they were not moving to anywhere. I took these photos in Knightsbridge, London. In terms of postcode, SW1! SW1 means, I am very very very rich but you are not! In London, postcodes rules!
Actually, it was an epic and unique moment in London. I had the chance to see two super cars, Bugatti Veyron with 1200 HP and McLaren P1 with 903 HP. Okay, Bugatti has more horsepower but McLaren is really light 1.3-tonne only!
I really love both of these cars and had to sit inside. The excitement of sitting inside a car like this, literally you are sitting inside more than one-million euro. Really unique feeling but don’t try with real money.
And my favourite is McLaren P1, because my friend designed it. Frank Stephenson. And P1 is not available anymore and very few Bugattis are left!
By the way, the Mercedes S500 was really a high spec model but wrong time and wrong place, sorry Mercedes :(


McLaren 650S from London

McLaren 650S direct from London dealer. Last week, I had chance to see the latest car of McLaren, 650S in London. Thanks to revolving stand, I had chance to photos of every angle of the 650S.

As I said before, McLaren 650S looks way better in feel life than on photos!

McLaren 650S is powered by a 3.8-lt petrol turbo engine with 650 HP and 678 Nm of torque. Thanks to carbon fibre body, 1.4-tonne with all fluids inside. Thus, the 0 to 100 km/h acceleration is only 3 seconds and the top speed 333 km/h. The engine is coupled with 7-speed dual clutch automatic gearbox. And designed by Frank Stephenson.


Jay Leno Shows His McLaren P1

Jay Leno shows his McLaren P1 on his channel. He received the first McLaren P1 in USA and immediately released a half an hour video. 
I am not a fan of speed and most of the time bored of driving. Even though, I drove many engaging cars, so I know the feeling but I find it boring to drive. 
However, Jay Leno changed my mind. The way he represents the McLaren P1 motivated me to drive it. However, P1 is not available your closet car dealer and probably they don’t have any test drive cars available. 
The main reason I liked the way Jay Leno defines the P1, is the combination of electric motor and internal combustion engine. Personally, I found the exhaust noise a bit quite annoying. I can’t bare the Ferrari’s I am a Formula 1 mood. But if you wish to own a super car, you have to bear the noise. 
However, McLaren managed to harmonise the beauty of the electric motor with the internal combustion engine. So you can drive very silently at city centre and enjoy the engine noise at the highway. 
And the best thing Jay mentioned about the McLaren P1 is the feeling of enjoyment at reasonable speeds. Unlike many other cars, you don’t have to risk your own life and others whilst reaching a driving experience.
Lastly, Jay Leno explains why the McLaren P1 unleashes fire from the exhaust. McLaren P1 is designed by Frank Stephenson, I wish to say it because you google it :)
Anyway, you can find more at the video. Actually, I want one. I love the electric powered super silent super cars. They are like stealth planes.

How It Feels to Own a McLaren P1? By Jay Leno

How it feels to own a McLaren P1? I don’t think that many of you thought about this but I am sure some of you really wonder the ownership of a super car like a P1. And when it comes to ownership of super cars, there is not better address than Jay Leno. I saw P1 in real life, it looks way better than the photographs.


Selfie with a McLaren 650S

Finally I jumped into this trend as well, selfie. And I had to create an epic selfie! I really don’t know why I push myself pointlessly. But I found the right car for a car selfie, McLaren 650S! 
By the way, McLaren 650S looks amazing. I really don’t know why but it looks way way way better in real life than the photos. And I decided to order one in 1/100 scale :)

McLaren P1 vs. Ferrari LaFerrari vs. Porsche 918 Spyder Specs

McLaren P1 vs. Ferrari LaFerrari vs. Porsche 918 Spyder. The most important question of the world! Okay, I know there are more important issues than comparing €1-million cars. But, the last time I saw this competition, there was no iPhone and Nokia was the leader of the market and Kate Upton was drinking her milk before sleeping. I mean the year, 2004! Ferrari Enzo vs. Mercedes McLaren SLR vs. Porsche Carrera GT. 
And during last one decade, we didn’t see any exciting cars like these. We had ordinary cars, except Bugatti Veyron and Pagani. As they are living on a different planet. I really love the competition between Ferrari, Porsche and McLaren. Which is my favourite? All of them :) 
But I will end up with a BMW i3, because it is cheaper to run. So, I have the words to compare these cars but, lack of the imagination to own one of them. Just compare the specs and decide which is your best.
Keep in mind, Porsche 918 Spyder is exempt from London congestion charge.

McLaren P1
Ferrari LaFerrari
Porsche 918 Spyder
6.3-lt V12
3.8-lt V6 twin turbo
Power / Torque
737 HP / 720 Nm
800 HP / 700 Nm
608 HP / 528 Nm
Electric Motor
179 HP / 260 Nm
163 HP / 270 Nm
281 HP / n/a
Total Power
916 HP / 900 Nm
963 HP / 970 Nm
887 HP / 1281 Nm
7-speed twin clutch
7-speed twin clutch
7-speed twin clutch (PDK)
Maximum rpm
> 7500
1395 kg
1255 kg
1685 kg
CO2 (No one really cares)
< 200 g/km
300 g/km
70 g/km
0-100 km/h
2.8 seconds
< 3 seconds
2.8 seconds
0-200 km/h
6.8 seconds
< 7 seconds
7.7 seconds
0-300 km/h
16.5 seconds
< 15 seconds
22 seconds
Maximum Speed
350 km/h
> 350 km/h
> 340 km/h


Photos Credits
Porsche, Ferrari, McLaren

McLaren P1 with Window-Shaped Carbon Fibre?

McLaren P1 with window-shaped carbon fibre panel designed by Frank Stephenson. This topic was raised by the Jalopnik. I can understand the reason why they highlighted this topic, they assumed that carbon fibre panel was designed to look like a window, because designer wanted to do so. And it does not have any function at all. 
I know Frank for few years and you may think that I will be biased on this article however, I won’t be. I can say one for sure! If Frank designs anything on a vehicle, there is a solid reason for it. In other words, Frank can proof the reason of that design item. He will never ever design something a car that does not have any function. And the carbon fibre panel on McLaren P1 leads to an air intake. So, there is a reason for the carbon fibre panel.
I assume Jalopnik did not know this design philosophy and misinterpreted his design. 

Photos Credits

Autosport International 2014 #asi14 | West Midlands Police Cars McLaren MP4-12C, BMW i3 and 1-Series

New cars of West Midlands Highway Police; McLaren MP4-12C, BMW i3 and BMW 1-Series. Many of might be thinking the West Midlands paid to buy these cars but they are donated, so don’t be confused with the conversation on Twitter. If you want to see the new cars of West Midlands Police, just visit the Autosport International 2014, Hall 10.

Autosport 2014 Police Cars McLaren BMW 1 Autosport 2014 Police Cars McLaren BMW 2 Autosport 2014 Police Cars McLaren BMW 3 Autosport 2014 Police Cars McLaren BMW 4 Autosport 2014 Police Cars McLaren BMW 5 Autosport 2014 Police Cars McLaren BMW 6 Autosport 2014 Police Cars McLaren BMW 7 Autosport 2014 Police Cars McLaren BMW 8 Autosport 2014 Police Cars McLaren BMW 9 Autosport 2014 Police Cars McLaren BMW 10 Autosport 2014 Police Cars McLaren BMW 11 Autosport 2014 Police Cars McLaren BMW 12 Autosport 2014 Police Cars McLaren BMW 13 Autosport 2014 Police Cars McLaren BMW 14 Autosport 2014 Police Cars McLaren BMW 15 Autosport 2014 Police Cars McLaren BMW 16 Autosport 2014 Police Cars McLaren BMW 18 Autosport 2014 Police Cars McLaren BMW 17

McLaren MP4-12C: Dubai Police Car

Dubai Police forces added a new high speed patrol car to their fleet, a McLaren MP4-12C! MP4-12C designed by Frank Stephenson and I know that Frank did not intend to design a car as a police vehicle. However, Dubai is a different world and they love to employ very fast cars to their police fleet. 
McLaren MP4-12C is powered by a twin-turbo 3.8-lt petrol engine with 626 HP and 600 Nm of torque and needs 3.3 seconds to reach 100 km/h. Top speed is not limited to 250 km/h, it is 329 km/h. Get the wind behind you, it will reach 330 km/h!

Photos Credits
Dubai Police

How Supercars Look Like at Night from Rear-End

How supercars look like at night from rear-end! I have written about this a few days ago and the creator of the infographic get in touch with me. Don’t worry nothing is wrong, he listened the social media and improved his work with new vehicle. 
The designer of the infographic is Marius Saukevičius and his website is I hope that his future works will be appreciated like this and we will see more of his works in future.
I think based on my review, he added the McLaren P1 :)