Interview with Al Clarke

I have in UK for nearly three years for my studies. During this time, there are some important moments that changed my life. One of this moment is MIPAA. MIPAA is motoring industry public affairs association, which was founded on 1968. However, I met with MIPAA through twitter during last summer. With just a hash tag #mipaa, and then I entered into a new world. 
Later on, I attended my first event on June. I still remember the Al’s phone call and his greeting in Audi Quattro Rooms. Since that time, I attended many events and met with many people from automotive industry. This helped me a lot, honestly worth to many early trains from Birmingham. And everything started with hash tag on twitter #mipaa.
After all these time, I wanted to help to increase the awareness of MIPAA and thank to Al for his helps. So, yesterday I had an interview with him in London. We talked about MIPAA, Mayor of London Boris Johnson’s award, future of social media, working in Ferrari. The rest of the conversation is on YouTube.