Alfa Romeo MiTo vs Racing Bike in Silverstone

Alfa Romeo MiTo, my all time favourite car. I know many people say, it is Alfa Romeo and etc etc etc. But truth is not like that, thanks to Fiat engineering and innovative technology, MiTo is the combination of art and engineering. Literally, the perfect! Who said this? Leonardo DaVinci!
Recently, Alfa Romeo UK decided to create a viral video for the Alfa MiTo Quadrifoglio Verde SBK Limited Edition. This MiTo is powered by 1.4-lt Quadrifoglio engine with 180 HP of power and Brembo brakes with the optional carbon fibre pack! Let’s go back to topic, MiTo SBK viral video is based on MiTo and racing bike.
This may sound a bit usual but the reality is, bike overtakes the MiTo while the car was on two wheels in a corner and on a wet surface in Silverstone Circuit. Don’t worry nothing gone wrong, if something was gone you would have heard on TV.
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Goodwood Festival of Speed: Alfa Romeo MiTo

Alfa Romeo MiTo! Here is my favourite car. Alfa Romeo launched the TwinAir engine model during the Goodwood Festival of Speed event. MiTo TwinAir model is powered a 0,875-lt petrol engine that produces 85 PS of power and produces only 98 g/km CO2. This means, in UK you don’t need to pay road tax and no congestion charge for London.
And there was a live DJ in Alfa Romeo stand :)



Alfa Romeo MiTo: Louise Dear

People who read my blog frequently know that Alfa Romeo MiTo is one my favourite car. Besides its technological features, it offers an exquisite design that cannot be found on its competitors. MiTo is a vehicle, which combine a perfect design harmony with its front and rear. Usually, when you notice a beautifully shaped front in a car, it may not end up with a beautifully shaped rear! Regardless of the price tag, I have noticed this with many vehicles. However, Alfa Romeo achieved to make a small car with state-of-art design and did not price with lots of numbers. Basically, MiTo is the best looking car for its price! You cannot buy something better looking than a MiTo.
That’s enough with the MiTo! Today, I went to Mailbox shopping centre at Birmingham. This is not something unusual, so why I do mention it! From 28 July to 31 July, Mailbox holds an event with Alfa Romeo and Castle Art Gallery. This might sound a bit interesting, Alfa Romeo and an art gallery!
Alfa Romeo recently revealed a new engine option for MiTo. It is called 1.3 JTDM-2, I know it is not the best branded product, and sounds like a tail number of a plane. But this diesel engine is amazing, despite its small size, it manages to generate 85 horse power and massive 200 nm of torque. For people, who have no idea about torque; 200 nm from a 1.3 lt diesel engine is something really unexpected! And despite its unusual power output, it only pops out only 95g/km CO2 and this eliminates the London Congestion charge. This means, you can go around the London without paying anything all day, honestly there is no point to do this but if you will buy this car you might try it one day! And additional information for emerging markets, this car has a very small engine and this means very low tax!!!
Okay, I am back to art event. Alfa Romeo decided to celebrate this new engine with a respectful artist, Louise Dear. Louise’s “Because I Can” work was printed and covered on this new MiTo model and it will be shown around the UK.
Louise has a different way of painting, in terms automotive she is closer to Audi! She paints her works on aluminium, like Audi uses aluminium to manufacture cars. When I first heard this, I was a bit surprised. An artist uses a technological material as a painting surface. Honestly, this is more spectacular than the MiTo’s 1.3 lt diesel engine. Aluminium gives a unique look to her paints, the curves and edges of aluminium generate a very aesthetic view. I am not an art expert but from my point of view, aluminium changes the way her paints look.
One of the best parts of Because I Can work, there are some hidden Alfa Romeo logos. When you look at the paint, you don’t notice them at the first time but when you look at second time, you notice that bits of Alfa Romeo logos placed very careful inside the composition. Placing car logos into an art work is as hard as producing high amount of torque from a small diesel engine!
Unfortunately, I cannot talk anymore! If you want to see this exquisite work, please visit these places and see the MiTo and Louise’s work.

My suggestion for Alfa Romeo; offer this paint work as a limited edition. The material printed to cover the MiTo is robust enough to resist adverse weather conditions. And it will be a very unique limited edition Alfa Romeo that will be remembered in future. Just limited to 100!

Mailbox (Birmingham)
Preview Evening 28 July, 6-9pm
Exhibition runs until 31 July

Exhibition runs 4 August – 7 August

Preview evening 11 August, 6-9pm
Exhibition runs until 14 August

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The most sexy automotive PR campaign by Alfa Romeo UK

Forget the Stig, this is the new secret :)
Alfa Romeo UK recently started a PR campaign on internet, Can You Handle Italian Passion? And this campaign became an internet phenomenon. Campaign is really creative and also challenging. You are trying to talk with a sexy Italian lady in London, actually in her flat.
This is an interactive video experience based on Flash, and you are being directed by options. Such as; where to sit and what to play in stereo. However in the last stage, you have to use your ability to continue! But that’s not easy, her mood can change unexpected and you may not end up very well!! So, be careful.
Unfortunately there is a minor problem with this website, it is only accessible from UK! I don’t know why but the whole experience is limited to UK! So, I did a favour to you all and uploaded only some parts of her. I hope that Alfa Romeo UK and their PR agency will be kind to allow this small show :) If I receive any request to remove the video, I will do so!
A small hint, she never does that thing!
Actually this website offers the same excitement which I had while driving the Alfa Romeo MiTo. Great job has done :) Below, you can find my other post about MiTo.

In terms of global Alfa Romeo image, this campaign is excellent, I wish that it was made for global campaign. Movie and the product definitely matches with each other. When you drive an Alfa Romeo MiTo Diesel, you will see what I mean! Totally unexpected, unpredictable and entertaining. Sounds like movie has the inspiration from the diesel :)

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Sex Sells with MiTo Diesel

Travelling with plane in economic class is one of the unpleasant ways of transportation. It is just offering enough space for people who do not exist, you cannot sleep, you cannot feel comfortable. Also you have to arrange your luggage limit to 23 kilos and you have to drive to airport which is in the middle of nowhere and land to an airport which is in the middle somewhere. Basically if you are not travelling with first class, this is the usual way for travelling long distances.
However today I discovered another way ;) I drove Alfa Romeo MiTo diesel. That’s a diesel powered Alfa Romeo, but it is not like ordinary diesels. As I mentioned before, it is offering 320 newton metres of torque which is enough to tow moon from 1,6 litre engine. And it produces 120 horsepower. But the torque turns the travel into first class pleasure.
MiTo is a small car to compete with snob Mini. I don’t like Mini because all snobs are driving it, therefore I always ignored. And also it is too much German for a British! But the MiTo is totally something else. With this enormously powered diesel engine you ignore all the annoying details.
I really don’t like manual gearbox. I know many people are saying “I can control the car with manual, automatic is blab la”. Sorry I have never ever agree with you, the best automatic for me especially double clutch ones. But MiTo diesel does not offer automatic with diesel. Does it annoy me? Of course no! It is the best manual car to buy and to drive! And this lunatic diesel revs up to 5000 rpm. I cannot realize how it reaches to 5000 rpm so quickly. First gear 5000 rpm, second gear 5000 rpm and I couldn’t realize how it happened some quickly. This engine is lunatic :)
After my journey with MiTo, I found the alternative way to travel long distance. Diesel MiTo! With MiTo, you don’t have to worry about ticket prices, luggage limitations, you can eat whatever you wish to eat, you can choose whom to seat next to you and it will be enjoying. If I had a MiTo diesel, I would definitely travel to Birmingham with it.

Why we buy Italian Cars? That’s love pain!

Why we Love Italian Cars? This is the second unanswered question after what is the solution for love pain! Italian cars don’t have very good reputation in automotive industry, especially for reliability. Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Lancia created some questions marks in everyone had, especially Alfa Romeo and Maserati were the king of trouble making! Many people were complaining about their Alfa Romeo or Maserati and they were talking about how it broke down on that street, on the bridge and etc. Of course I cannot consider them as a royal customers, they would probably never bought anything Italian.
But did this change the attitude towards Italian cars? Of course no. If you love car, you should love one Italian brand even if you don’t buy it. I did not say even if you cannot afford it. When I had my old Ford Focus in 2004, I had chance to Alfa Romeo 147 but I didn’t! Because I was afraid. Now I would definitely buy an Alfa Romeo MiTo, it is very sexy.
Many people were saying, don’t buy Italian cars but none of those brand were bankrupted! Actually Fiat bought all of them and saved them. This is the reality and they are still in business, also they are more reliable. There is only a slight problem with their reputation.
Recently I read an academic article which was mentioned on newspapers. In Rutgers University in USA, some scientists decided to investigate love pain. I really don’t know why they did this. Anyway, they found some people and them inside machine and they spotted the place on brain. Yes, the place which makes us malfunction when we are rejected or suffer from love sickness. Unfortunately I don’t have right to publish the images but we won’t understand anything from that.
The important point which I found out from the academic paper, Italian cars have the same impact on people. They are touching the same spots in the brain like love and when we lost our Italian car, we cannot forget it very easily. From the research, as the time passes the pain is diminishing but you can see Italian car very easily and you can buy one also. So you will not suffer from the pain.
From the combination from the academic research and my observations; I can suggests that Italian cars is touching the love points in our brains and we fall in love with those cars. Even though we know that Italian cars are not reliable, we try our chance once in a life time. For that reason, they still make profit. I am proud to find the answer for this unsolvable question.

The best picture to define this love is from Diesel’s advertisement campaign! Italian car needs “the balls” to own :)

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Ferrari with decent back seats: MiTo

Hundred years of Alfa Romeo! 2010 is the 100th birthday of world’s one of the most iconic and sexy car brand. Even the Enzo Ferrrari raced for Alfa Romeo before he established his business Ferrari. Everyone in automotive world had direct or indirect relationship with Alfa Romeo.
100th anniversary started on their website, I did not see any special 100th anniversary limited edition cars or anything else or any activity on Alfa Romeo dealers yet! I guess Alfa Romeo forgot that this year was the 100th birthday. At least they could have offered some limited editions to make this year unforgetable.
Actually they made a special logo and of course t-shirts and other thing with those logo on their online store. Actually I was going to buy a 100th anniversary t-shirt but the delivery costs 10€ and t-shirt costs 21€! Very interesting!
On Sunday, I went to a Alfa Romeo dealer with my friend. He is planning to buy a Alfa Romeo MiTo, which is my favourite sexy super car. For that price tag, you cannot buy something better. Forget Mini, it is just an overpriced German car, go buy an Audi A1 and you feel better inside.
The main thing which I like in MiTo is the DNA switch. This switch let’s you to change the character of car by choosing from dynamic, normal and all weather. By choosing these three programmes, you are able to change the reactions of the car. This is a basic or cheap version of Ferrari’s Manettino switch which you can find in F430, 458, 599 and 612 models. This also changes the driving character of the car by choosing different programmes.
There was something missing in MiTo and that’s was dual clutch automatic gearbox. And hopefully, now you can have it in petrol engine! I don’t want to discuss about engineering thing, basically this automatic is extremely quick to your responses and you will be changing gears like in F1 car. Actually Ferrari 458 and California have the same transmission. It is excellent, don’t buy the manual :)
All these technologies can be read from their website and you will not be shocked when you experience them. However MiTo has something which usually does not appear in coupé Alfa Romeos! It has legroom in back seat :) I am serious, 1,86 metre adult can accommodate without any problem at the back seats :) So MiTo is small Ferrari with proper back seat :)
By the way; don’t miss to check matte grey Alfa Romeo Brera, despite its huge weight more than the moon, this car looks really great this new color.

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Baby Audi

Audi A1! For quite long time Audi was promoting its new small Car A1. After the A2’s trauma, Audi hesitate to introduce a small car. What happened with A2? It was beyond its time and made from aluminium which made it pointlessly expensive as the consumers do not pay that much of attention that thing! Also it was not sharing the Audi design concept, it was too tall for the Audi brand. Anyway, Audi halted the A2 long time ago.
Audi introduced this car to have a place in popular small car segment which is dominated by Mini and Fiat 500. This is a very profitable segment, people can reach to luxury brand with reasonable prices :) Also Audi will add new customers to its portfolio. Everything sounds great! They also producing this car from steal, which is much cheaper :) Also they are offering a rear suspension which could turn your journey into nightmare!
Mini and Alfa Romeo MiTo are offering independent rear suspension. Many of you don’t have no idea about this. Basically, this technology offers better handling and comfort and also more cost. Audi claims it is taking more space in that back. Anyway, what Audi A1 is offering twist beam rear axle. This means Audi saved cost and offers to feel the road in your back. Audi A1 is a sport shoes which does not have the comfort.
Don’t think that A1 will cost cheaper by avoiding independent suspension. It will be expensive, actually over priced like other Audis! And many people will rush into Audi dealers to buy one. Honestly, I don’t have any problem with Audi, probably it will be a high quality small car with Audi engineering and it will be a very good alternative to people who got bored of Minis! Would I buy one? Hmmm, I really don’t know but there is one thing is very clear, Audi A1 is the best looking Audi! There is also Alfa Romeo MiTo with a better soul :)
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Alfa Romeo MiTo Diesel: Minimize consumption, maximize pleasure

MiTo; Alfa Romeo’s one of the best looking car and probably the best looking car in small hatch market. I do know that Alfa Romeo has a bit more reliability than a fake iPhone but that was the past. Now Alfa Romeo is in a new era, we can see this from their new engine range.
Especially the diesel! Yes, Alfa Romeo and diesel sounds similar to chips and chocolate but world has changed, people are looking for diesel engines even in their sports car. Therefore, Alfa Romeo MiTo is offering a 1,6lt diesel engine. I know this is not a something very unusual but when I focused on details, it was unbelievable.
This ordinary 1,6lt diesel engine is offering unordinary amount of torque, 320nm! What is torque, you might be saying! It is a bit complicated to explain but it is a huge amount for a such small car. BMW 318d has the same amount of torque from 2,0lt diesel engine. You imagine the rest, this MiTo is a new era for diesel power! Words are useless to define the enjoyement of this huge amount of torque in a small car. This is like a super computer at the size mobile phone :)
When Alfa Romeo couples this diesel engine with double clutch auto transmission, that would be the best car can be bought on earth :) Minimize consumption, maximize pleasure :)
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What is Countryman?

The Mini! Excellence of repackaging :) Personally I never liked the Mini. It is a very well made and a very nice car, it is combining the Mini heritage with sophisticated technology. BMW made a very good job and never ruined the heritage. However, I never like the Mini :( Despite its unique characteristics, it was a brand which is not very close to me. This is totally emotional! In my opinion, Alfa Romeo MiTo and Fiat 500 are totally much better looking cars than the Mini. Also Fiat 500 is slightly better than Mini while packing the heritage with contemporary automotive world. Especially the price. Mini is a overpriced car, that’s absolutely clear. You pay too much money for a small car. Macro priced, micro sized!
As usual BMW, transposed its product extension strategy to Mini, and Mini introduced the Clubman which looks like a Ford Transit from the back. It could not manage to achieve a success like normal Mini but some people bought it. And Mini followed the popular culture in automotive business and design a Mini SUV which is totally pointless. Yes, there is no competitor in this segment and it will collect the whole potential customers, if they are existed! Until now everything is fine, normal German style extension strategy in a British car.
But the most stupidest thing is, Mini Countryman (SUV) is not four wheel drive! Yes, it will be front wheel drive and you can have the four wheel drive only with S model. Very nice! A very expensive SUV which is not a proper SUV! I know, there are some SUV like this on market; they are only front wheel drive but they are not asking a price which is more expensive than an island! Those front wheel drive SUVs are cheap! This Clubman front wheel drive partial SUV will a very interesting car from Mini.
Actually more interesting than Apple iPad. Despite its pointless disadvantages, like Apple iPad, some people will just buy because it looks nice. Nicer than Mini Clubman and people will buy this weird SUV just to own it :)
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