Three MiFi Mobile WiFi Hotspot: Product Review

Three Mobile WiFi, MiFi is a device that is mobile and offers wireless internet wherever you go. But that’s not a mobile phone. For many people it is a bit confusing. Mobile wireless internet and it is not mobile or USB dongle. It is called MiFi!

And why do you need mobile wireless gadget and from Three as well? If you are going around different cities and need to have an internet connection all the time, you would either pay to wireless hot spot all the time or use your mobile phone’s tethering or buy a mobile wireless internet.

I tried the first one, paying to hotspot and after the second time, I realised that I would definitely spend a lot of money on this. So, I tried the tethering with iPhone and it did not go quite good! Because, iPhone loves to dry out the battery and using tethering boosts this effect!

And I finally decided to buy a mobile wireless gadget! Unfortunately, they are not cheap like USB dongles. And I checked prices of the mobile operators and except Three, they were more or less the same. And I risked my chance and bought a Three MiFi device 18 months contract for £10.

Unfortunately, Three does not have a good reputation for signal reception. I heard complains about this. However, I avoided all the negative comments and bought one. And I was expecting to have a bad reception but things totally different.

Three MiFi had a very good reception whenever I used and I used in mainly between Birmingham and London. Especially many times inside the Virgin trains and it was working great despite being used in a train journey.

Also, I lost signal many times but at those places, the other operators did not have any signal as well. So, my experience with Three went quite well. But this device is not a mobile phone and designed only for internet, so I have no idea regarding to making calls with Three. However, their infrastructure is doing quite well with mobile internet.

I managed to achieved average of 1Mbit download and upload speed with Three MiFi. Docking station was also included in the package and it can be charged very easily with any USB cable. However, always fully charge the MiFi before you go out for a journey!

I forgot to turn on Airplane Mode On