Autosport International 2014 #asi14 | Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S was in Autosport International 2014 this year. Actually, Model S was the best bit of this year’s event. I really love this electric car, even though it does not offer the internal combustion engine’s enjoyment, but the experience of the futuristic technology is amazing. 
Literally,  Tesla Model S is a large family saloon with two massive boots. The interior is luxurious, the range is up to 310 miles  around 500 kms. So, it is no different than a normal car and cost nothing to run and service. Here is more details about Tesla Model S.


Tesla Model S: Luxury Electric Car

Tesla Model S is recently revealed to public. Unlike previous Tesla Model based on Lotus, Model S is manufactured by Tesla with their own design concept. As you know that Tesla is a premium electric car manufacturer, unlike Fisker there is no on-board generator to charge the batteries. In Tesla you need to charge the car by plugging into electric socket.
Let’s go backs to Model S. From the rear there are similarities with Jaguar XF, and creates the foor-door coupe look. And from the front, Model S is really unique and does not look like an electric car. One of most appealing features of Tesla Model S is the 50/50 weight balance that usually features by sports car manufactures. This weight balance provides perfect handling and being lack of heavy engine and gearbox, Tesla Model S will offer a very unique driving experience.
The shocking feature of Tesla Model S is the air suspensions. You neither read wrong nor I made a typo, Model S features air suspensions to improve comfort. Yes, air suspensions do improve the comfort but you need power to control them; especially for raising the vehicle. And power is the main issue of electric cars. When the road is demanding and Model S needs to adjust the air suspension more than usual, you will reduce range and also raising the vehicle will reduce the range as well. Therefore, I really wish to see an objective test for the air suspensions in Tesla Model S’s impact on the range.
Tesla Model S also offers electric power steering wheel. As you understand, it is powered by electricity and Model S is powered by electricity, so another extra weight on the range.
With Model S, you have four different battery options like four different engine options. Model S can be ordered with 40 kWh , 60 kWh, 85 kWh and 85 kWh Performance batteries. I have never seen this before on an electric car, great marketing job!

40kWh: 256 km – 160 mls range; 6,5 sec (0-96 kph – 0-62 mph acceleration); 176 kph – 110 mph top speed

60kWh: 368 km – 230 mls range; 5,9 sec (0-96 kph – 0-62 mph acceleration); 192 kph – 120 mph top speed

80kWh: 480 km – 230 mls range; 5,6 sec (0-96 kph – 0-62 mph acceleration); 200 kph – 125 mph top speed

80kWh Performance: 480 km – 230 mls range; 4,4 sec (0-96 kph – 0-62 mph acceleration); 208 kph – 130 mph top speed

Interior quality of Tesla Model S is amazing, it is a real premium car. However, touch screen user interface may not be that good whilst driving the car. The problem of touch screen is, there is no feedback from the buttons and driver can easily be distracted by this. Volkswagen mentioned about this problem of touch screens and they try to categorise user interface into physical buttons and touch screen. And I support this. However, I didn’t try Model S yet!
Overall, Tesla Model S is an extremely well made electric car but, due to lack of on-board generator, power consuming air suspension, lack of charging station and long hours are charging are the main handicaps of electric cars. If you are travelling in city, Model S will satisfy your demands but it is quite risky to take longer journeys. In order to drive lingers journeys with electric cars, the battery technology must be improved and this will lead vanish the bias on electric cars and also charging hours should be shorter. Otherwise, electric cars will stay as a niche market. It will not go bankrupted but only small part of the population will benefit from electric cars. If you live in Monaco, Tesla Model S is a perfect car, but if you are planning to travel between Hamburg and M√ľnchen, I am not hat sure. Again, go have a test drive and make your own judgement.

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