nuuna by brandbook

Modern life is highly connected to the digital world. Even for basic note taking tasks, we use an app. We think it is easier, more convenient and is easier to carry. I totally agree with you and have been using note-taking apps for nearly half a decade. Also, it is nice to see your old notes.

However, I still find a bit awkward to use a note-taking app in some conditions—especially when trying to use a stylus or Apple pencil, the experience becomes more awkward. This always reminds me of the scene from Back to the Future III, when Marty McFly was back to 2015, and the world was quite interesting.

What is the solution to the modern note-taking problem? Get a proper notebook and a pen or pencil. When you think about notebooks, there are many, and most of them are not that tempting. In some cases, if you use a pen to write on your iPad, it will look better. So, I am bit a picky when it comes to buying an old-school notebook.

Recently, I discovered a German notebook brand called, nuuna by brandbook. They offer very very creative and unique covers with great messages. (Don’t take the one with ‘I work for idiots’ on the cover to a meeting with your boss). The paper quality is high, and they are very easy to write on with any type of pen or pencil. The most exciting part of the nuuna notebooks is that the texture of the cover does not end at the edge of the notebook, it continues with the profile. When you look at the notebook from a distance, you will really love the look of your notebook. Unfortunately, this experience cannot be replicated by any mobile app!

Some details;

  • 120g premium paper
  • Lined/dot grid/squared (based on your taste)
  • Writing is very smooth, tested with roller, fountain and ballpoint pens
  • One size (165mm x 220mm)
  • Price €24.90

UK distributor

nuuna by brandbook nuuna by brandbook nuuna by brandbook nuuna by brandbook nuuna by brandbook