Versace Leopard Print Monokini | Fail or Success?

Versace leopard print monokini (It available on for £285)! There is nothing wrong with the definition of the product until you see it! I know Versace has an extra ordinary design philosophy but this time, their monokini design overlapped with the legendary swim wear of Borat (Fictional movie character).

With the gold coloured detailing and Swarovski crystal, you will be shining a like a star on any beach. People will not take their eyes from you! However, this does not change the fact that, the monokini’s epic resemblence with Borat style :)

Actually, it doesn’t look that bad, I love to dramatise on this blog :) And don’t wear high heels on sand, that’s a loose surface, you will lose traction and humans don’t have traction control feature :)

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