New London Black Cab from Karsan at Motor Expo London

New London black cab, from Karsan. Last week, during my visit to Motor Expo London, I had chance to see the new candidate for London’s black cab from Karsan Concept V1. I assume you may not know the Karsan, so here some information. Karsan is a Turkish automotive manufacturing company working with many global partners. And recently, they have designed a full electric black cab for London.

I had the chance to experience the potential new London black cab! Interior is very spacious and thanks to glass roof, sunlight enters directly to inside and for UK weather conditions this is something really good! Karsan’s black cab is electric powered and can be charged from the station all around the London and also the turning circle is the same with the traditional London black cab. Lastly, the instrument panel is a digital screen like other car on the market. Personally, I couldn’t get use to this new full digital screen instrument panel, I still like the traditional dials!

Overall, I couldn’t find anything really to complain. And they also mentioned that the rear suspension is better than the existing London black cab. This is real plus. Moreover, similar to London black cab, Karsan’s black cab is only available as black cab! Like the other brands, Karsan is not selling this black cab as a passenger vehicle or to any other market. Unique to UK! My personal opinion about this black cab is the contemporary interpretation of the iconic black cab. Especially unique sales strategy emphasise this!

And I have no idea what is that YouTube button on the navigation screen :)


New Mercedes S-Class at MotorExpo London

New Mercedes S-Class was revealed to public at MotorExpo in London. Let me be honest, new S-Class was the main motivation to visit the MotorExpo London. Despite my negative emotions towards the new S-Class, I wanted to see what Mercedes have done. My personal opinion, new S-Class created the same sensation like in 1998, when they revealed the W220 S-Class. In those years, W220 S-Class was something like from the space. The technology was ground breaking and the design was never seen before and all these things harmonised with the plastic interior parts. 
The story is similar today as well, the new S-Class offers the technology, which has never been seen before. Literally, the new S-Class can drive by itself. It has the technological capability but the legislations do not permit this. Also, the interior and the exterior design of the new S-Class are ground-breaking in terms of Mercedes world. It does still looks conservative and resembles with the W140 S-Class. Huge front grill, bold lines and conservative look. 
Mercedes is planned to capture some market share from Bentley Continental Family and Rolls Royce Ghost. This may sound like a dream but there are some potential hindered under the new S-Class. However, this potential is blurred by the unnecessary immigration of plastic parts inside the cabin. Especially, the vehicle control buttons; such as hazards button, suspension settings. The plastic does not seem to compete with Rolls Royce and Bentley. Moreover, the air vents might be plastic, but I am not sure. So, I don’t want to blame with no particular reason.
However, there is one thing I loved with the new S-Class and that would be the only reason to buy this car, the rear seats! The rear seats of the new S-Class feel fantastic! You can move the seat into sleeping position and the headrests are like very soft pillows! I have been inside many luxury vehicles but I have never had this type of feeling before. And also, you can access to internet and use the car’s phone from the rear seats. So, this could be a very strong argument of new S-Class against its rivals.
Will I buy one? Honestly, for the rear seats I might go for it!