Limited Edition Bentley Mulsanne 95 | Jack Barclay HR Owen, London

Bentley Mulsanne 95, the anniversary model of from Bentley to celebrate the 95th year! The most important features of the Mulsanne 95 is the wooden trim. Unlike other models, Bentley decided to supply the wood from a 400-year old walnut tree from Lincolnshire. As a result of this, Bentley Mulsanne 95 will have the oldest wooden trim inside a brand new car!<

Mulsanne 95 is limited to 15 customers and in three different colours (Britannia Blue, Empire Red and Oxford White) to reflect the British roots of the brand, even though it is owned by the Volkswagen.

If you had chance, the blue Mulsanne 95 was on display at Jack Barclay, HR Owen in London. If you didn’t have chance to see it, I have the photos. Don’t worry Mulsanne 95 doesn’t include any 400-year gadgets inside the car!