Cindy Crawford on The EDIT Magazine

If you were born in the 1990s, the name Cindy Crawford may not ring any bells in your head. However, if you clearly remember the 1990s, you will be looking forward to see her again. Cindy Crawford is on The EDIT magazine. The EDIT is a digital weekly magazine from Net-a-Porter. This week, they covered Cindy Crawford.

I had a flashback to my teenage years—the 1990s—when Google was not yet invented, Apple was on the edge of bankruptcy, and a mobile phone was a gadget only for talking. Cindy Crawford was at the pinnacle of her modelling career, and it was nearly impossible to not have ever heard her name. And remember, there was no social media and the Internet was limited! She was all over traditional media—the media that was usually printed on paper or behind a glass tube (TV).

It is great to see her again on a magazine, especially a digital one.

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Google Glass is Available at Mr. Porter

Google Glass available at Mr. Porter website, the men version of I was expecting to see the Google Glass on internet available for purchase but never thought it will be sold at a luxury digital department store, Mr. Porter. Based on this latest strategical decision of Google, Android product and its derivatives are not happy with quantity over quality strategy. 
Android, mobile operation system was focused on quantity over quality to increase their market share very aggressively and it worked. However, Android phones never managed to be cool like Apple or people started to queue for them. 
As I can see, Google is looking forward to develop emotional bond with luxury customers and try to compete with Apple for their future wearable gadget product range. Google Glass managed to create buzz and being at Mr. Porter is a good start. However, do you really want to buy a Google Glass? Yes and No. Many people want to try it but I really don’t know if they are really looking forward to own one. 
Another issue is, Google Glass only works with Android devices. If you own a Google Glass, you need to own an Android phone. This trick was made by Apple as well. And quite reasonable. 
Whether you find the Google Glass pointless or extremely important gadget, we will see these type of  products more and more in near future. And personally, I like the design of the Google Glass, probably it is only premium looking Google product you can purchase.
Price of Google Glass? £1120! 
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Designer Shoulder Bags Less Than £300 at Net-A-Porter

Designer shoulder bags less than £300! Sounds a bit crazy but I manage to find six should bags from net-a-porter and cost less than £300. The shoulder bags starts from £160 from MICHAEL Michael Kors and ends up with See by Chloé at £270! Don’t think that lower price range will compromise from your style, these six different should bags satisfies different tastes.
MICHAEL Michael Kors £160

MICHAEL Michael Kors £220

Marc by Marc Jacobs £220
See by Chloé £250
Diane von Furstenberg £260
See by Chloé £270
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Mr Porter iPhone Application: Style Icons from Automotive World

Mr Porter is a brand of Net-A-Porter online premium luxury women shopping. Some people may never heard of Net-A-Porter. So, I would like to give a brief information. Net-A-Porter is the most expensive women online shopping place, it is a dream place for many women. And recently, Net-A-Porter started men version, Mr Porter. It has the same concept with Net-A-Porter but only for men!
Mr Porter offers an iPhone application to improve men style. That’s a really good decision, some people really need to improve their style! I hope they will install this application :)
In Mr Porter iPhone application, some of the style icons can be browsed. And there are three names who are very well-known in automotive industry; Stefan WinkelmannCEO of Lamborghini, Gianni Agnelli President of Fiat and Lapo Elkann grandson of Gianni Agnelli and responsible of brand promotion in Fiat.
Interestingly, there are no other names in this list from automotive industry and existing ones are from Italian brands. I think Mr Porter missed some names from United Kingdom, let’s be honest there are quite some people in UK automotive industry with their own style!

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