The Coolest Porsche!

I know that, you were waiting for this. You get bored of Adidas Porsche Design shoes, they look the same! Here is the new era for Porsche Design and I am pretty sure that, you were looking for this ;)
The Porsche Design’s 2010 shoes collection. This season’s main difference is the manufacturer. They are not from Adidas; this time they are produced in Italy by a German company Muller & Meirer Lederwarenfabrik GmbH. Sounds a bit interesting, half Italian half German. It sounds like Lamborghini Murciélago, half German half Italian. The good thing is, like Panamera; Porsche Design extended its range to offer different tastes. I hope they won’t end these shoes production like they are planning to end Panamera in 2012.
Now there are four different models; Tokyo, Milano, New York and Berlin. For me the best looking ones is the Tokyo model. Unlike other Porsche Design shoes, it looks contemporary and elegant. Some of the Porsche Design shoes are too much sports and they cannot be worn in everywhere. However, this new collection broke that limit and you could wear your Porsche to anywhere at any time ;) That’s what I was looking for long time!
And one of the coolest thing about these shoes is their soles, the Porsche Design labelled metal part underneath the shoes looks are really nice!
Also Porsche Design offer new fragrance for your cars, hoppss sorry not for your car. That’s for you, you could have the Porsche smell all time. I really wonder, why someone wants to stinks like a car! Anyway, its bottle looks very nice. I could buy an empty fragrance, just for its bottle.