Desperate Housecar: Nissan 370Z

You might have noticed the Nissan’s new advertisement campaign. Nissan vs. Porsche and Audi! Nissan revealed its senseless annoying marketing campaign to sell its ultimately ugly and dull car 370Z. It sounds like, it came from Jupiter or somewhere people don’t have any idea of words. What is 370Z? I know 370 reflects the engine size and Z? Z reflects nothing.
This advertisement campaign claims that 370Z is cheaper and faster. Very basic for people who does not have any emotional feelings for cars. Technically 370Z (328 horsepower) is faster than Porsche Cayman (265 horsepower) just for 0,5 seconds from zero to one hundred km/h. Yes, all these things for just half a second that nobody would ever never realize it while driving. Nissan 370Z is 5,3 seconds and Porsche Cayman is 5,8 seconds. Whole Porsche owners will buy Nissan now! Of course not, this is just a way to create word of mouth and receive attention.
And 370Z is faster than iconic Audi TTS just for 0,1 seconds. Zero point one seconds! And Nissan claims you can understand this! This is the biggest joke in automotive industry I have ever heard. This means you can feel your hair growing every day. And people will change their mind from the sexy looking Audi TT to weirdly looking 370Z !?! The answer is no!
Nissan 370Z is a great car with reasonable price, rear wheel drive, exciting, good for money. But I would never ever dreamed to drive one! And I won’t and many people won’t. That’s a car which makes you look like cast member from Fast Furious! This car designed for modifying putting ridiculous wheels with weird colours and with huge stereo system. Sorry Nissan, the real 370Z is this! Please who cannot afford to buy Porsche or Audi buys its and they modify it so heavily, even the potential customers afraid to buy it.
I don’t understand why Nissan chose this kind of desperate campaign. When I read between the lines, I understood this. Nissan 370Z is a very hopeless car and the chance to promote it, is to compare with luxury brands and catch attention. Porsche will be a Porsche forever, many people buy it because it is a Porsche. Owning a Porsche feeling cannot substituted with 0,5 seconds. It is a life style, a message to universe. You own a Porsche which is making the best car for decades. I don’t think that Nissan can catch the real Porsche people.
It is the same with Audi also, it has the Quattro. Full Stop! You have what? Weirdly looking headlamps. I never like to criticize cars like this, I know that people are spending hours of hours to design this machine. But please don’t ruin those peoples’ work by ridiculous campaigns. 370Z deserves better. When I saw this campaign I just remember one thing, Desperate Housewives! I sometimes watch it because of Eva Longoria. That’s main reason people loves that show :) Even the Desperate Housewives are not that desperate like 370Z.
Actually this campaign worked well, it was the top news on everywhere including my blog. I think I wrote once or twice about Nissan and that’s all. I found this brand very boring, they still cannot manage to produce a proper non vibrating gear lever in 21th century. Why don’t solve this problem? You cars are like Renault! I do hope that, this will be the last article on Nissan. And Porsche should not care this so serious, everyone knows that 370Z will bought by someone who loves to place a exhaust as big as moon and creating more sound than Niagara Fall.
And anyone in Desperate Housewives could compete with Eva ? NO :)

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A new trend, animal print interior for pink cars

Last week I saw the pink Fiat 500 for the first time. Of course, this is not something very unusual; pink is normal colour like red, blue or white. The interesting point when you offer pink as a colour option in a car, you directly targeted to women customers. Probably no man will ever buy a pink coloured car! Okay, may be a very cheap pink Bugatti Veyron can find some men customers but in general terms pink is for women.
Offering pink in colour range of a car is a risky decision. Some of the potential men customers place the car into “ignore it” section and you might loss some customers. On the other hand, it can be beneficial! Women customers tend to shop quicker than men, this is something very clear :)
This can make the pink colour as a reasonable option in automotive industry. Especially I can suggest this for Mercedes CLC! As the CLC is a total catastrophe, what can go wrong more? Just add pink colour to option list and you might have some new women customers. Actually Fiat 500 and Nissan Micra are offered in pink colour, honestly I did not see them on street that much but I am pretty sure that some people bought them.
However, the car companies do not take more serious action. Once you ruined the image of car by offering pink don’t stop there! Continue! And animal print option for interior. I am serious, just imagine. A pink Fiat 500 with animal print interior. If this car does not sell, I will not talk about car again! How I came up to this point? Just look at Vogue or Elle, everything is in animal print. Cheap brand, luxury brands, all of them are offering this.
I guess after the collaboration with Land Rover and Victoria Beckham, we can see these kind of interesting combination in Land Rover vehicles.
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Four-wheel drive Dacia Duster

I know that you were waiting for this, four-wheel drive Dacia :) And it is not available with 3,0lt V6 Nissan engine :) Yes, Nissan! Because, Dacia is owned by Renault and Renault is working with Nissan and here it is. Dacia powered by Nissan.
Actually, this model probably will not be on sale. This is an extreme version of Dacia’s upcoming SUV model. You know that, everyone wants to introduce an SUV to market.
As you can see from the picture, it will be driven by legendary F1 pilot Alain Prost!
And as a reminder, Infiniti and Dacia are cousins ;)

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