iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Nokia Lumia 920

iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Nokia Lumia 920, the most search product review on this planet. And the result? Honestly, they are more or less the same thing. They all share on thing in common, they are too fragile to be a mobile phone like old days.
Here is a great advertisement from Nokia. I would never go back to Nokia but, that’s a really nice advertisement telling the ugly truth of mobile phone fighting.

I Want to Write A Product Review of Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920, the latest phone from the Nokia. We all know that Nokia suffered really bad in last couple of year due to iPhone and Android devices. Even though the Nokia was the first company to release smart phone in 2002 with Nokia 7650, they lost their market power in less than couple years. 
However, Lumia 920 changed this situation. According to many articles and what I heard from people. Lumia 920 is a really good smart phone and there is very high demand to it. Actually, the demand is so high that, I did not have chance to see one. And you can use the screen of Nokia Lumia 920 with your gloves :)
And I really want to write a product review about Nokia Lumia 920. However, I couldn’t find a contact on Nokia’s website. If it is possible, I would like to write about Nokia Lumia 920. Is it possible, Nokia? 

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Vertu: Probably The Most Expensive Mobile Phone

Vertu is a luxury mobile phone owned by EQT VI and Nokia by ten percentage. If the year was 2004, you might be really excited to read this post. But time has changed, we all changed but Vertu stayed the same (I haven’t update the content, Vertu ownership may have changed).
Nokia introduced the Vertu to wrap up their Nokia device in a luxury way. All the Vertu phones are hand built, all pieces and parts are extremely high quality, you have a personal concierge button and Nokia S40 or Symbian operation system!
All these tricks used to be working before the iPhone and Andriod. However, modern world of forgot the Nokia! This is the ugly truth, it is very hard to find someone using Nokia nowadays. What about Vertu? The same! Vertu does not offer anything except the built quality and golden covered option. It is really sad to see this diminish of Vertu. 
However, the Vertu phones do not seem to suffer from this situation. If you want to buy a Vertu phone with keyboard that works with Symbian operation system, where you will have a very limited app store, you need to pay £17,000. A gold covered Vertu phone with full size keyboard costs more than a car and unfortunately, offers nothing special except posing your wealth. And proof of your lack of knowledge on technology.

I don’t want to say this but Vertu is like Maybach. You understand what I mean.

By the way, no one can achieve the precise production quality of Apple.


Saab, Volvo, Nokia and IKEA: Management Issues

For many years, we adore the Scandinavian brands. They always had something different than the others! Volvo was the safest car, Saab’s technology was transferred from aerospace, and Nokia was the stylish. As you might noticed, I used past tense! Because, they all left in the past. Now Volvo is not the safest car manufacturer, fortunately every brand is safe. Saab has nothing to offer, except being Saab. Nokia is having last good days in mobile phones business and being beaten up by just one product.
Now what is next? Ikea! Just remember the last decades and how all those Scandinavian brands were glamour. But now, they lost all their fame. Okay, Volvo is getting better but there is a huge gap between the other brands and Volvo.
From all these brands, I noticed one thing in common. Scandinavian firms are really innovative and good at design, but ignore the whole world! Your brands may be the best, but we are not living in your region. So, we do not think like you. And Scandinavian firms are not that good at predicting the future and upcoming trends. I think in one decade Ikea can face the similar problems like Nokia and others. I hope they will realize what is going wrong and before things go wrong.

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Connect with Iphone forget the Nokia

Nokia is one of the oldest phone manufacturers on earth! I am sure anyone who has mobile number once in a life time used a Nokia phone! Nobody can ignore the mile stone role of Nokia on mobile communication. Even in mid 1990s, they were involved in unique, ergonomics and never gave up on PR Campaigns.
Despite Nokia iconic contribution to mobile industry, Apple directly dominated the market which was totally emerged by Nokia! My interest was caught in here; Iphone or Ipod connection in cars’ option list. This is not something unusual, it is very good way to listen your music and talk with your phone. The interesting point why Nokia did not introduce something “Connect with Nokia” or something similar to this!
They were major leader in mobile phone industry and they could have offerred this earlier or even now. Still I don’t see any connectivity feature of Nokia like Iphone. We are living in a world, old cheap car manufacturers are increasing their production quality and luxury car manufacturers diminish their quality.