New Range Rover Sport SVR

Land Rover introduced a new version of Range Rover Sport. It is called Range Rover Sport SVR. And that’s the end of the news. Because, SVR looks really funny and promotes its Nürburgring ability as a promotional content. However, except the lap time (8 mins, 14 secs) there is nothing innovative or exciting.
Still Range Rover Sport SVT cannot show you the world at night through a night vision camera, it cannot stop if a crash is unavoidable by itself, it can not detect pedestrians, it cannot control steering wheel in case you invade the opposite lane and it cannot understand a potential accident and get ready for the impact.
However, you can go around faster and faster in a circuit with a pre-histroic satellite navigation system and unusual air-con features. I will stop moaning about Range Rover, when they introduce innovative technologies.
The SVR’s is powered by a 5.0-litre supercharged V8 engine and develops to produce 550PS and 680Nm. And engine is coupled with a  8-speed automatic transmission. 0-100 km/h acceleration is 4.5 seconds and top speed is 260 km/h.

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Audi R8 e-tron in Nürburgring Video

Audi R8 e-tron is the electric version of the Audi R8. For many people, electric powered Audi R8 is not something exciting or special, they want to feel the excitement of the petrol engine. I understand them very well and sometimes I agree with them.
However, world is changing so rapidly. A decade ago, mobile phones were no more than texting devices. Now, no one uses text messages, because we use our mobile phone like a computer! This rapid transition of the mobile phones and our ability to adapt this change shows that, electric powered sport car is not something far away and we will get use to them.
Audi R8 e-tron is a concept car powered by four individual electric motors. In total, R8 e-tron produces 308 PS and 4500 Nm of torque, needs only 4.8 seconds to reach 100 kph (62 mph) with 245 km (154 miles) of range.
And during February, Audi R8 e-tron manages to go around Nürburgring 8 minutes and 9 seconds. I never talk about Nürburgring lap times, because they are a bit senseless. You would never have opportunity to push those limits in everyday. However, this lap times is achieved by an electric car and shows that even the electric cars can go really fast.
Audi recently released the video of Audi R-8 e-tron’s lap in Nürburgring.
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Jaguar XJ Taxi

Jaguar XJ Supersport is the most powerful XJ model by its 5-lt supercharged engine with 510PS of power. Unfortunately, these figures are not suitable for a taxi. It would be too expensive to run and pointlessly powerful! It is similar to use Louis Vuitton luggage set to travel around the world in economic class. However, Louis Vuitton luggage set has a place to be used and Jaguar XJ has a place to be driven as a taxi.
Recently Jaguar revealed a taxi for Nürburgring, XJ Supersport with Sport and Speed Pack (The Sport pack sounds a bit funny after Supersport). Sport pack provides, sport seats and exterior changes to emphasise sportive character. Speed Pack increase the speed limit from 250 KPH (155 MPH) to 280 KPH (174 MPH). As this XJ will be taxiing around the one of the brutal circuits in the world, the interior features a roll cage with four-point seatbelts!
Unfortunately, I couldn’t find information about what XJ Nürburgring Taxi will do but I am sure it will be similar to BMW’s M5 Nürburgring Taxi. BMW was offering a quick lap with the M5 around the circuit. Probably, Jaguar will offer the same.

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The new Nürburgring

Nürburgring, it is like the high way next to your house or your father’s farm! It is not something very unusual or unknown, every car manufacturer occasionally visit Nürburgring and make a faster lap than ever. Ten years ago nobody had an idea about Nürburgring and it was something mystery. However thanks to marketing departments, it turned into something very usual. I am pretty sure that half of us can drive in Nürburgring like we drive to home.
But the Porsche made the difference again! As they stick their brand into a power drill (link), they created a new type of lap record in somewhere else. Yes, Porsche finally found somewhere else different than Nürburgring and it is called Pikes Peak located in USA. It is a hill climb with various road conditions like Nürburgring but as you climb higher, the car is struggling more due to adverse weather conditions! So, you can proof the master of your engineering much easier like Porsche did it :)
I am telling you now, in next one decade Pikes Peak will be the next Nürburgring. If you have extra money, just buy some land and you will make fortune by selling to car companies :) After Porsche, Audi will unleash a fast lap and Ferrari and Mercedes and BMW and Maserati and Land Rover and the rest.
Honestly, marketing departments should find somewhere else then Nürburgring because it is becoming more boring !
Porsche manage to finish this circuit in 11 minutes, 31,1 seconds in a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car. This car produces 450 hoursepower from 3,8lt engine and it only weights 1200 kilos!

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Agent Provocateur, Gucci, Dior and Nürburgring

When you look at an advertisement on magazine with great looking people you dive into a different world. Agent Provocateur lingerie with charming girls motivates to buy them and that advertisement gives the impression of “you will look like this” or Gucci advertisement with great looking man in a great looking suit gives the same message, Dior, Channel, Paul Smith and so on. The function of advertisement is very clear, give a message and motivate consumption, we all know this and we love to ignore it :)
What about the German town Nürburg? Nürburgring is the longest and toughest race track on earth. You could spot any kind of prototype is driven by its limits. This circuit is a open laboratory for automotive world. As its reputation grow day by day and the power of word-of-mouth, it turn into a dream for anyone who loves cars. Porsche, Nissan, Ferrari, Renault, Ford announcing their new records for their sports car. And always the circuit lap time is going down and down and down and down. Actually in order to understand what does that new time means, you should study one year for every kind of lap time :)
When you buy the car with that superb lap time, you think that you can do it with you novice driving skill. Of course no ! One of the other ugly truth of cars. Unless your name is Schumacher or you are a former F1 driver, that lap time could happen in your dreams.
Like fashion advertisements, what you see is just dream :) We just buy a dream to live with it, so lets enjoy it ;)
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Agent Provocateur
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