GM vs. Saab

What I have read about Saab and saw how the brand was sinking last one decade proofed that GM is not automotive manufacturer. Actually automotive destroyer! VW is managing many brands without any problems, the slight price differences between VW and Audi is a proof of perfection and ability to understand the market, also consumers.
However, GM was stuck in 1950s; produce a chassis and cover it with engine and some other stuff. I cannot understand the US car manufacturers, from the same country people are producing microprocessors which is extremely tiny and does not tend to die but a huge car cannot be built without any problem. US car companies should understand that, world has changed V8 world died long time ago and brakes from chewing gum and suspension from bed spring is not welcomed in anywhere on earth. Even the US market does not prefer US brands! You have many business school which shaped the world economy contributed valuable  knowledge to literature but GM was unaware of all these things! I hope that Opel could save itself. If GM did not realize that Cadillac Escalade is something which is totally useless, there is not need to say anything more. Just compare Escalade with Range Rover, Mercedes GL Class, Toyota Land Cruiser !
Mercedes GL 350 CDi – Cadillac Escalade
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Saab Website
Mercedes Website
GM Website

Coolest Opel ever made, Meriva

For me, Opel is one of the uncool car brand on earth! There are many reasons to discuss why the Opel is uncool. And I try to avoid Opel until now. Opel reveal the picture of new Meriva! Meriva is one of the boring cars which made Opel uncool but this time there is something different. Meriva is offering something very cool! Suicide door. Don’t take it wrong, these doors are not made to kill yourself. As you could see from the picture, these doors are opening opposite, it is a bit retro. However, nowadays suicide doors are only in Rolls Royce and Mini. This is minor a detail which made a major difference.
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Vauxhall Website