Ferrari Opus: A book to be insured!

Ferrari, the glamour of speed and wealth. Since it was first found, it was always expensive and fast. You cannot find a Ferrari without these characters. Ferrari is an expensive car to manufacture, there are lots tests, car is full of state of art technology, testing processing is really long, employees are highly qualified and this lists goes more and more. It is not easy to make cars go fast for very long time and it is quite hard to sell them for reasonable price!
Like the cars, its books are very expensive also. I really don’t know the reason but some of them are really expensive. Opus Media Group recently released a Ferrari with four editions; first one is the cheap one  $4100 (4100 copies), second one is The Cavallino Rampante edition $7000 (500 copies) and signed by Ferrari guys, third one is Enzo Edition $37 500 (400 copies) and comes with leather plus carbon fibre, signed by all living F1 drivers and lastly Diamond edition $275 000 and limited one for each country (est. 192 copies), there are 1500 stones of diamonds on Ferrari Horse, weighs 37 kg (more money, more weight), Luca di Montezemelo signed each book (I would prefer son of Enzo Ferrari’s signature), lastly you can have chance to win a 2005 F1 car from Ferrari!
If you are got bored of Ferrari’s model range, have lots of money, and don’t know what to do after doing everything. You can buy the heaviest and most expensive Ferrari book and start developing your literature background. Keep in mind this book, can destroy your desk! 37 kg! Also, try to find a insurance firm for this books, it is more expensive than many cars on street!
If you don’t have any money, you can download the iPad and iPhone editions, they are totally free!

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