Planning to Visit Paris? | Louis Vuitton Paris City Guide

Are you planning to visit Paris? Probably yes! However, you may not know where to visit or you will be following a route that is uber ordinary. I have a solution for you and it is from Louis Vuitton and it is affordable. Sounds like crazy but that’s the truth, Louis Vuitton Paris City Guide!
Louis Vuitton is very well-known for its leather products, however they are really good at city guides. And based on my experience, their city guide show you the hidden places at very popular cities. And probably that’s what you are looking for!

Ferrari F12berlinetta from Paris Motor Show

Ferrari F12berlinatta, the replacement of the legendary V12 powered Ferrari 599. The F12berlinatta is faster, more efficient, lighter and more powerful. As you expected from Ferrari, each of their new cars coming from Maranello are always much better than the previous ones.
However, I really wonder how many Ferrari owners can utilise, benefit, or realise state-of-art technologies in a Ferrari. We all know that most of the Ferrari owners may not know what their car can do.
Anyway, this discussion can go forever therefore I want to share some photos of Ferrari F12berlinetta from the Paris Motor Show.
Ferrari F12berlinetta is powered by 6.2-lt V12 petrol engine with 740 PS and 690 Nm of torque. 3.1 seconds to reach 100 kph and the top speed is more than 340 kph.

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Paris Fashion Week from Instagram

Tomorrow is the last day of Paris Fashion Week and I wanted to share some of the interesting photos from the event that are present on Instagram. If you have opportunity to attend the Paris Fashion Week, you are very lucky otherwise, like me you may enjoy it from social media!

I found some good photos from the runway, Anna Wintour, shoes, and more!

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Bugatti Veyron Super Sport: + 200 horses

In 1932, Empire States Building was the tallest building on earth. Many people thought that, it is impossible to go higher than this, the limits of engineering has been achieved. And is it necessary to have a higher building? We did not run out of land or anything else happened, so why we are going up and up! When you search for tall buildings, you will end up with many many building with great architecture achievements. Now there is a building which is 828 metres and built on sand! There is nothing left to 1000 metres.
Of course with these congested sky scrappers world, there is one tower has something very special. The Eiffel Tower; since 1889, its staggering 324 metres of height and its steel construction still nothing has replaced its position. When you talk about France, it is very hard to ignore Bugatti. Like Eiffel Tower, Bugatti is always the most powerful car of its era. Unlike Eiffel, Bugatti has chance to introduce more powerful cars :)
I am pretty sure that, many people were satisfied with 1001 horse powers of Veyron and they started to get bored! Like Eiffel Tower, it is tall but we want to see something different. That’s only 1001 horses, we want more! And Bugatti listened those sounds and planning to introduce a more powerful Veyron for people who found 1001 insufficient for their daily trips.
Bugatti will be put 1200 horses into this new Veyron (Super Sport) and they started to receive the deposit payments. And it is not limited with more 200 horses, it will be 300 kilos lighters also. More power, less weight! The best combination for a car. You will have the all power on earth in a one single car! I really wonder what would be the top speed !?! And where you can achieve that speed :)
Like contemporary tall buildings, this new Veyron will be totally unbelievable but like Eiffel Tower, the first Veyron will be remembered! It is the first mass produced car with 1001 horses.
Pictures are taken from;
Bugatti and Eiffel Tower Websites
Technical Data are based on website.

Ultimate Luxury Car by Louis Vuitton Moët Hennesy

LVMH holds sixty luxury brands and a major player in luxury business in different business categories.
And it is very well known luxury brand and a couple of years ago they were going to buy Aston Martin from Ford. (Ford is the retail store for automotive business, they have everything.)
And I designed a scenario if Aston Martin was owned by LVMH. They will offer very different type of luxury product as an option in Aston Martin. Like;
Watch: Hublot or Tag Heuer will be on option list, this is very definite.
Leather: LV, Fendi, Celine, Kenzo, Givenchy. This would be a magnificient leather option in automotive histroy.
Interior ceiling: Sure you would have options from Marc Jacobs to Donna Karan. For cheaper alternative, it would be DKNY.
Interior detailing: Of course, it would be De Beers, nothing else.
Colour choices: It will be offered after every Paris fashion show.
In can entertainment: Dom Pérignon champagne by Moët for passenger of course or while standing still.
Perfumé: For female customers it would be J’ Adore and for male customers Acqua Di Parma.
Car design: It should be made by Karl Lagerfeld.
Luggages: It would come from LV also, hand made ;)
Navigation and internet connection: Navigation; nearest LVMH brands and internet connection; e-luxury website.
And engine: Who cars after all these brands about the engine, handling and so on :)
I really wish to see one day LVMH will own a car brand.
Picture are from:
Acqua Di Parma, Céline, Moët, Louis Vuitton, Aston Martin