Bentley Collection with Parker Pen

When you think about Bentley, what do you remember?
Let me give you some clues; expensive, luxury, exquisite. I guess you did not remember this cheap! Theoretically, Bentley cannot be associated with cheap and nothing can be cheap from Bentley. It is against its DNA structure; expecting something cheap from Bentley is similar to expect a Lion to ask for vegetables!
Unfortunately, the lion eats vegetables. Yes, I found something really cheap in Bentley. This thing is extremely cheap, I guess even the Ford merchandise cannot offer something cheaper than this. As you see in below, that’s a Parker Rollerball Pen! A Parker pen in Bentley Collection website just for £7,92. I am not converting this into other currencies because, it is really cheap in terms of any currency on earth!
I am really shocked with this pen. Bentley supposed to offer expensive and reasonably priced stuff under the collection brand and they end up with a Parker pen. Sorry, I am really disappointed! I guess, they forgot the first rule of Collection store; do not sell anything which can be found in store, which does not have any brand at all. Parker is sold on everywhere; even it is sold in stores that do not have a name on their doors. And the brand is sold at Bentley Collection.
My advice, please remove that pen. It is totally collapsing with Bentley’s brand identity, associated adverse meanings to brand and makes it pathetic.
If you want to buy it, click here.

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Me and Bentley