Renault Latitude vs. VW Passat CC

Today I read one of the French magazine called Le Point. As I don’t know French, I didn’t understand anything! But suddenly I noticed the picture of Renault Latitude. There was an article about the car, probably a review of test drive by Emily Ryzat.
The interesting thing was the picture. Latitude was not something really different in terms of design. Especially, it reminded me another car! Such as, Volkswagen Passat CC. Just ignore the Renault logo from the front grille and you end up with Passat CC. The grille looks the same. This is really something unexpected from Renault. They always have a unique design concept.
I don’t like Renault cars but they always had a unique design concept which is mostly relies on their concept vehicle. But Latitude was a great shock for me, it was something similar to a competitor’s car. I know the Renault is trying to change it brand image and willing to be perceived as a premium, there is no problem with that.  Renault should not change its design concept. The main problem is, their production quality and reliability. They should transfer these two things from their competitors, instead of design concept.

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Renault and Volkswagen