paul.a.young Fine Chocolates from Walpole British Luxury Press Day

paul.a.young fine chocolates, if you haven’t heard this brand you are really missing an amazing experience of chocolate. Hopefully I explored paul.a.young during the Walpole British Luxury Press day. And I assume it was the best experience I had during the event, thanks to chocolates.
paul.a.young is a chocolate brand, I know this does not sound that interesting. There are many different chocolate brands all around us. So what is the different? Why you should try paul.a.young instead of other brands. All the chocolate collection is hand made, there are some other chocolate brand are doing the same! However, none of them made the chocolate on each store! I know this sounds outstanding but it is real! paul.a.young choclates are made on the store, thus they are offered the freshest chocolates you can ever buy on market. And also organic, there are no any non-organic ingredients, you experience the real chocolate!
I have tried couple of their chocolates and they were amazing! I cannot describe my experience, you have to taste it.