Upgradable Mobile | Phonebloks

Upgradable mobile phone, Phonebloks? This sounds quite impossible at the moment. We cannot replace the parts of our mobile phone and improves its performance or fix the broken part. However, thanks to Apple and Samsung, they introduce each an upgraded version of your mobile phone. And literally, the new one is basically the same one you already own. This is how they make money. 
However, a company called Phonebloks founded by Dave Hakkens from Netherlands designed a module mobile phone. Actually, that’s a project now and they will reveal more news on 29th October. Their idea emerged from the thrown away mobiles because they had a broken part. At the moment, mobile phones designed not to be repaired! If we can repair or upgrade them who is going to buy iPhone 5S or Samsung Galaxy S4? At the same time, our addiction to technology and cannot utilise their full potential generate a huge amount of waste. And mobile phones are not that easy to recycle!
So, Phonebloks offer opportunity to upgrade your mobile, change the specification, fix the broken part. Actually, you will have your bespoke or customised mobile phone. If you want a 12-megapixel camera, you will replace the camera. If you want a longer battery life and never use bluetooth, you will remove the bluetooth and replace the battery with a larger one. And all these parts will be sold their online store.
I think the concept of Phonebloks emerged from the desktop computers. Desktop computers offers indefinite number of customisation and you can replace any broken part or upgrade it.
If a very big company is supporting this project, we may see the Phonebloks quite soon! And I think Intel might be supporting. Just watch the video and you will see the Intel Quad Core 4 brand! This sounds very responsible because, Intel wants some share from mobile phone industry and capture the market of ARM!
And I am sure the fanatics of Android and Apple will be against to this idea as usual :)

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