Salon Privé Chelsea, London 2022

I have tried to attend Salon Privé for a long time, but I’ve never managed it! I always thought Salon Privé was a small car show, and that’s all. However, I was wrong.

I realized this when I attended the event at Royal Chelsea Hospital in London this year. Since I started blogging, I think this is the first car show where I didn’t ask for a press pass.

Salon Privé London has something unique to offer! It is small, but it has everything! From Prodrive’s Paris Dacar off-roader BRX Hunter to Bugatti Chirons (multiple Chirons were present). I’m not even taking into account the number of Lamborghinis that were present.

Another great part of Salon Privé was Anna-Louise Felstead (Instagram @alfelstead). She is a fantastic artist whose paintings I love. This is especially true for the ones that convey the reality of luxury cars. They are amazing!

Also, there were two helicopters at Salon Privé. I can’t ignore them in this write-up. From this year, I will be attending a future Salone Privé event, and I highly recommend it!


New BMW 8-Series | Gran Lusso

New BMW 8-Series, Gran Lusso. In 1990s, BMW 8-Series was one of the ground breaking GT cars on the market. And true competitor of Mercedes S-Coupe or CL-Class. However, BMW did not pursued to manufacture 8-Series and stop the production in 1999. In those years, GT car market was not that strong. Also, consumers were not that interested on GT cars, it was a very very niche market. Mercedes CL survived from that market but 8-Series could not.
BMW recently revealed the Gran Lusso (Designed by Pininfarina) concept car in Villa d’Este. Gran Lusso is one of the best looking cars in the market! I know this is a very bold statement but, I did not see any car more attractive and more beautiful. The interior of the Gran Lusso is magnificent. Even the new S-Class and the Aston Martin look out-dated. There will be a new CL or S-Coupe coming soon but if BMW manufactures the Gran Lusso as the new 8-Series, the fundamentals of GT market will change.
This concept car is powered by a V12 engine from 7-Series with 544 HP and 750Nm.

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