McLaren MP4-12C Spider from London

McLaren MP4-12C Spider, one of the fastest cabrio sports car on planet. Literally, 12C Spider is a hard top version of the 12C Coupe, the main difference is the state-of-art retractable hard top. It can opened or closed speeds to up 30km/h. Despite this mechanical roof of 12C Spider, there is no sacrifice on the performance figures. MP4-12C Spider still manages to reach 100 km/h in 3.1 seconds but the top speed is only 329 km/h, just 4 km/h lower than the coupe.

Actually, you will never ever feel the difference between the coupe and the spider. Usually, Spider versions have a very tendency to be less rigid and slower but this did not happen with McLaren MP-12C Spider. I really don’t know how they made it, but they made it.

My personal opinion, buy the MP4-12C Spider instead of the coupe. You can open the roof when you need and it does not look different when the roof is in closed position!

Here are the photos of the MP4-12C Spider from a sunny London day.

MP4-12C Spider is powered by a 3.8-lt twin turbo V8 engine with 626 HP coupled with a 7-speed double clutch automatic.


Purple Bentley Continental GTC in HR Owen (Jack Barclay), London

Purple Bentley Continental GTC (Convertible) in purple at HR Owen, London! The purple colour may look great on clothes, coats and some cases with shoes, however a purple car is something that you cannot see everyday life. There are some reasons for that, firstly car manufacturers do not offer purple and you cannot prefer this colour. Secondly, some cars were offered in purple but it wasn’t the perfect choice for second value and the quality of the paint was not that good.

However, when the case is Bentley the rules of the game are different. Bentley clients are not extremely sensitive second hand value. Thus, those people are not bothered with the colour of their car by the second hand value. This segment is focused on bespoke vehicle, not mass production!

So, the purple Bentley Continental GTC offers the perfect uniqueness during the summer time. Despite the fact that, it is really hard to drive a car topless in UK but many people love to buy open top cars, just to enjoy the few days of sunshine in whole year.

My person opinion about this purple Bentley, it does look good! I am serious on this, purple colour does not look that shinny or disturbing, the tone of the colour so well defined.  And also that’s a Bentley Continental GTC V8! 4-lt V8 twin-turbo petrol engine with 507 HP and 660 Nm of torque and the engine is coupled with 8-speed automatic gearbox, which is capable of jumping gears up and down beyond your imagination. GTC V8 only needs 5 seconds to reach 100 km/h and top speed is not! It is 301 km/h. I really don’t know why it is 301 km/h instead of 300 km/h.

This is car has the same colour in Bentley footage, which you can watch on HR Owen’s website!