Kate Upton Releases an Album With Stevie Johnson and Big Boi | Take Supermodel to Workday

Kate Upton releases an album with Stevie Johnson and Big Boi. I am kidding, it is just a part of the Skullcandy’s advertisement campaign. But, the campaign video is so funny and motivates us to listen Kate Upton singing :)

I really wish to take Kate Upton to workday :)

If Kate Upton releases an album, I am sure that her video clips will be more epic than Gangnam Style :)

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Rewind YouTube Style 2012 with Psy and Carly Rae Jepsen

Gangnam Style, I think Psy made the 2012 as the most YouTube involved year of the human history. Thanks to his music video Gangnam Style, which is watched nearly One Billion times changed everything. Basically, each one person out of six on this planet watched Gangnam Style at least once. (However, Microsoft Word still assumes that I made typo by writing Gangam and underlines it as red.)

And YouTube recently made a video called Rewind YouTube Style 2012. It is the mix of Psy Gangnam Style and Carly Rae Jepsen Call Me Maybe songs. And some of the other YouTube sensations were also featured on this video.

And Mercedes SLK! Come Kia and Hyundai, you missed the train on the Gangnam Style video but this time your cars should be have been there! I was expecting to Kia but end up with Mercedes. And this makes the Mercedes SLK as the year 2012’s YouTube sensations as well.

And there is one quite old Volvo S60 is hidden left of the Mercedes SLK.

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Gangam Style by NASA: Johnson Style

NASA engineers in Johnson Space Centre were a bit bored recently. I think they were really bored and wanted to do something really entertaining, and also experience the popular culture.

What I mean by popular culture? Psy, Gangnam Style! Gangnam Style is the most viewed video on YouTube’s history and shared all around the world like nothing else. As a result of this rapid growing popularity, many brands used Gangnam Style on their campaigns and most of the were epic failures!

However, there is an exception and it is from NASA. Recently, NASA engineered recorded a Gangam Style video and called Johnson Style. Basically, NASA explained what they are doing to public by a very popular pop song. And the result of this? At the moment, you are reading the result! NASA became viral.

Again well done NASA engineers, you made a great job :) My suggestion NASA for next move, try to find a propulsion system for Bugatti, they are trying to reach the limits of psychics with an internal combustion engine, you may help them with your space age technology :)


Psy Gangnam Style and Kia Cee’d

Gangnam Style is played everywhere we go, it became a sensation in a blink of an eye and received more than 350 million view on YouTube. Psy sings the Gangman Style with his unique style of dancing. This style became so sensational, millions of people follows him. Just check the crowd in NBC Today Show!

Psy is from South Korea, one of the most powerful economies in the world. And also home to Kia and Hyundai, also Samsung. This time, I want to talk about Kia. In just five years, Kia improved its design and became a serious competitor on market. Shifting from inferior product to demanding product! Many people noticed the improvement in Kia.

In Gangnam Style video clip, unfortunately I did not see any Kia! I was expecting a see Kia Cee’d instead of Mercedes SLK. New Kia Cee’d a global car and offers great features with a very distinctive design. The mutual point of Psy and Kia is their global success. I hope that, Kia will play Gangnam Style song in their future advertisements.

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