Ferrari in terms of Quantum Mechanics

Every new Ferrari always claims to be faster than other models. Ferrari 458 is faster than F430 was faster than F360 Modena and story goes like this. And every time it is getting harder to claim the new car is faster than the other. Because, they are approaching to the limits of physics for rear wheel cars! You can see from the zero to one hundred acceleration performance figures. Every new models is lower the number just couple of milliseconds or something like that. Ferrari just revealed a new 599; 599 GTO and it is only faster than the normal 599 by just 0.35 seconds for 0-100km/h acceleration! 0.35 seconds cannot be understood by normal human being unless you can feel how far your hair grow every morning.
But in terms of marketing this 0.35 seconds means a lot :) It is technically faster than previous model and also it is much faster in circuit and it goes on like this. The problem here is being rear wheel driven, as the power is sent just to tyres, they are not able to cope with so much power and they start to lose traction despite the help of electronic systems. And it is becoming very hard to lower acceleration values. If you are saying Bugatti needs only 2.4 seconds to reach 100 km/h, that is four wheel drive car!
In near future, Ferrari might need to define their acceleration value in terms of quantum mechanics. Because, it will be nearly impossible to calculate and totally impossible to realize the difference but marketing team have to do something and they will evaluate the acceleration value with quantum mechanics. So that, we won’t understand how fast the new Ferrari but we do know that it is so fast that even the normal physics cannot be able to calculate.
Pictures are taken from;
Ferrari Website