New Range Rover in Morocco: All Photos Part 1 Exterior

The New Range Rover, I wrote many articles about it, many people talked about and many people saved money to buy it. However, this time I am not going to write about Range Rover’s features or weakness or comfort. I am going write New Range Rover’s Morocco global press event, which I was not able to attend as no one invited me.
Let me be honest, I am not that looking forward to attend press events. And I know that bloggers have a limited opportunity to attend a global press event. Also, I am quite happy with the online press office, where we can download all materials. However, Land Rover PR team did something this time, which made me very jealous. The New Range Rover’s global press event held in Morocco, where I wanted to visit for ages!
The environment of Morocco is fantastic, it gives limitless opportunities for taking great photos with excellent background. The sun is very warm, city landscape is totally unique. You don’t have these items in Europe and the cultural uniqueness in Europe and also another charm is the New Range Rover.
Anyway, I did not have chance to visit Morocco with Land Rover. But I upload the whole press photos of the New Range Rover in Morocco. And note to Land Rover PR team; next time when you arrange a global press event to a very warm country, I would be loving to attend :)
You will find all press photos of the New Range Rover in Morocco. Honestly, the red Range Rover in off-road looks like tracking with Christian Louboutin heels!Technical Details of the New Range Rover

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