Colorful Mercedes SLS AMG

Anyone who is interested on car know that German car manufacturers are not very generous on color options! I don’t know why but they stuck on grey, grey, grey, white, red and black also. This color range shows their senseless character in automotive. I know that grey and German cars have emotional bound but customers may not wish to create some stupid relationships with colors.
I can understand this small range of colors in cheaper models but a car which cost €180 000 in Germany and named as Mercedes SLS AMG has only 9 colors option and there are five tones of grey! Can you imagine five tones of grey out of nine colors. This is like going to Gordon Ramsay in Mayfair, London and you will have only five different types of water, out of nine drinks including wines! I can see the improvement by offering “red” but this is not enough.
If you are charging enormous amount of money, you should provide not only huge amount of torque but also huge amount of color range :)
If you wish to have some more color range and less grey, you can order a Range Rover Autobiography!

New Range Rover, really better ?

For long years Range Rover was my favourite SUV. Timeless design, exquisite interior quality and off roading ability were the details which kept it top of my favourite list. However, one and half year ago I had chance to drive Range Rover Vogue TDV8 model and every good feeling of mine were collapsed. I was expecting a much better vehicle than this.
When I started driving it; steering wheel was not communicative and it was hard to feel the road, breaks were senseless pedal was not that effective, engine had a huge turbo lag as big as a black hole in space, traction control was letting too much wheel spin on corners in normal road condition and stability programme was struggling to control back of the car, V8 diesel was very heavy and car tend to dive from noise and a little bit heavy breaking exaggerate the situation more.
In a half an hour drive, my dreams were lost. And I started to think why this happened? May be I should compare with another SUV and think twice. I drove Mercedes ML 320 CDi and I drove in the same as I drove the Range Rover and surprisingly Mercedes did not behave like Range Rover. Ok, it was V6 diesel I should have driven V8 diesel but the rest was much better than Range Rover.
I shared my reviews about Range Rover with a Land Rover engineer and he did not reject any of those and told me to drive the new one. Unfortunately I did not have any chance to drive a Range Rover, especially in Turkey if you don’t have that amount of money, you should be lucky to drive one! However, I read something on Land Rover website;
“The new 2010 Range Rover is now equipped with a new braking system, comprehensively updated to provide enhanced stopping power and improved driver feel.”
So, it is obvious that even the Land Rover understood that breaks were not that good! And they introduced “Enhanced Understeer Control and Electronic Traction Control”. I guess, 2010 Range Rover is a far better car than the previous one. I will share my comments when I drove it ;)
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Why British cars are so different?

Nowadays, when we talk about British cars, our brain reminds us something! There are no pure British cars are left, I mean the main brands. A quick flash back; Land Rover and Jaguar (Tata), Aston Martin (ProDrive and Kuwait Investment), Bentley (VW), Rolls Royce and Mini (BMW). So; when we see a British car, we will see something which is not British. However; this became normal in automotive industry, many brands are owned by some other brands. I don’t stick on that too much, as long as the brand’s heritage and spirit are alive, different companies can be their owners.
However; I cannot say British cars have very good reputation in reliability and offer competitive high technology. If we compare with German cars, there is a huge gap between them. Actually, there is a huge gap between German cars and whole world! The interesting thing with British brands is their spirit did not die, despite the adverse things happened to them. We still turn our heads and look at the new Jaguar XJ or we want to own a Range Rover or win lottery and experience exquisite time with a Rolls Royce Ghost. All these dreams are supplying blood to British brands. But how did this happen? Why don’t we feel the same excitement to a Mercedes S350CDi 4MATiC or to a Audi A6 2.8 Quattro or to a Toyota Avensis?
All those brands have something in common. The visibility factor; yes their quantity is too much to be exclusive. And this is the main obstacle, however Maybach is very rare but people don’t rush to it. This shows the importance of brand heritage. Italian cars have similar characteristics with British cars and they are very exclusive but they don’t bring the combination of different materials to create luxury interior, we don’t feel like we are inside a British palace. Porsche is a car to be loved but its product range is too wide for a dream. Nobody wants to dreams a cheaper car. And complicated engine range, you need to learn which engine is better than others.
I am not saying those are cars bad or inadequate to be exclusive. Those cars are more reliable, offers wide range of choice. You could live your dreams with sacrificing your future wealth. Drives very well, performance is great. Actually, most of the British cars are good for watching. Ferrari offers great technology, great sound. I would prefer Ferrari over an Aston Martin. Mercedes offers everything better than Jaguar. Porsche is the perfection. But we all look at an Aston Martin DBS, when we hear it is approaching to us. That’s something which cannot be described with words! Is it power? No, most of the Mercedes AMG models offer more power. Is it brand heritage, who can remember everything about that brand so quickly. Or is it the design? Ferrari has fantastic look also. British cars are showing our dreams in real life. If we want to buy one, other alternative might be offering a better car. However if we have chance, I am pretty sure that we would like to drive an Aston Martin or Bentley Azure for some time.
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Celebrity Car Drama

When you became celebrity, you should buy expensive luxury car. And this is something normal. However in some cases, the car is facing something unnormal! They mostly modify the car, change its colour and so on.
And even they modify Bentley to make it unique. Yes, Bentley is a very common on earth! And there is two examples; Kim Kardashian changed her Bentley Continental GTC’s design into something, which I have no idea. And Paris Hilton got her Bentley (the same with Kim’s) painted in pink. Both of the cars are piece of art!
And there is one more pink coloured car. That’s from Turkey. A new pop singer Kendi, got her Range Rover Sport painted in pink and left the most undesirable wheels on earth. I mean, why didn’t she order with a better wheels :)

Like people, cars have lucky and unlucky life!

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Winter Tyre UGG

UGG boots turn into fashion catastrophe, everyone from Spain to Turkey is wearing UGG. It became more popular than carrying your mobile phone with you. You can forget your mobile phone but you should not forget your polar bear boots. Exactly, it looks like that ! Some of my friends told me that Porsche Design shoes don’t look nice but there is worse than that UGG.
During winter time, every girl is getting ready for their UGG to out. Of course, (as one of my friend told me) it keeps warm, very comfortable, ideal for snow (I didn’t see that snowing for last five years) and more and more. The bottom, celebrities started to wear it, so I must wear it effect.
However while trying to walk with polar bear boots, nobody is paying attention to their winter tyres. Of couse I don’t mean have a emotional relationship with tyres. But at least, try to replace them with winter ones. The answer for this question is NO. Because, it is very expensive. This “very” is a very relative word. For “couple” UGGs expensive is not a word. I can buy pointlessly expensive UGGs many of them (they all look the same) as an investment (I will be denying them after two years) and won’t give a penny to save my life while I am driving.
OK; keep investing on your UGGs. I hope one day, they will introduce UGG winter tyres, they have serious potential ;)
And here Jessica Simpson with her UGG and Range Rover with four season tyres which are mostly rubbish at any season. And I noticed, some of the petrol might have been dropped to her coffee!