Personalised New Range Rover with a Minor Revision

Personalised new Range Rover. Many people love to personalise or customise their cars, especially the expensive ones like the new Range Rover. So, I decided to join this trend and did a minor revision, which creates a personalised look to Range Rover.
I removed the air vent inspired side vent design items from the front door of the Range Rover and made it flat like the previous model. This small revision creates a unique look and moves the design of the new Range Rover closer to form follows function design philosophy. Also creates a cleaner look in the door sides, from rear-end to front-end.
I am definitely sure this personalisation can be done by any workshop very quickly :)

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Land Rover

The Best and Sexiest New Range Rover Test

The best, the sexiest test of the new Range Rover. If you search for the new Range Rover test on Google, you will end up with countless test reviews. And they are more or less the same, even if I had done one or if I will do in future.

However, if you haven’t watched the review of the new Range Rover by Anastasia Tregubova yet, you miss a lot! Anastasia Tregubova is a Russian automotive journalist and did many car reviews on her YouTube channel.

Unfortunately, there is a minor problem! Anastasia is Russian and her content is made in Russian for Russian viewers. So, why I do recommend it? Because, it is the best review :) Honestly, I have no idea what she says during the ten minutes review of the new Range Rover but I really don’t mind.

I can imagine what she said; new Range Rover is very good at off road, seats are amazing, it drive excellent, acceleration is fantastic and etc and etc…

Anyway stop wasting your time reading the article, start watching the video :)


What Car Katerina Stikoudi Drives?

Katerina Stikoudi, my favourite singer from Greece! Now I know what car she drive :)

I know I did not write about her for very long time. Actually, I should have written. Because, posts with Stikoudi makes a lot of traffic! You cannot even imagine. Stikoudi is a sensation and I hope to some videos of her on YouTube channel something like Kate Upton’s Cat Daddy video :)

Let’s go back to Katerina Stikoudi’s car. After a very long and comprehensive research I finally found out her car. Fortunately, Stikoudi doesn’t drive a pink Range Rover or a Bentley Continental GT again in pink. Actually, I really don’t like to see pink Bentleys or Range Rovers, they looks quite awkward.

Anyway, Katerina Stikoudi drives a BMW Z4 Roadster. I can hear your thoughts, BMW Z4 is not something extreme, however Z4 does still drive really nice and feels connected with the road. I think in 2006, I drove a 3-lt BMW Z4 and it was really really good for its price range and quite fun to drive. Of course, we live in 2013 and things have changed. Despite the passing years, BMW Z4 Roadster does not look that old.

Despite my all efforts, I couldn’t identify the exact age of Stikoudi’s Z4 but I am sure that it is pre-2009. You can see that air condition knob at the lower right end of the photo and that style belongs to Z4 Roadster before 2009. In 2009, the air condition elements received a new fresh design.

Actually, I am expecting to see Katerina Stikoudi in a Range Rover Evoque. In my opinion, she will definitely fit perfect with the Evoque. My personal opinion for Evoque is still the same, excellent car drive but still Evoque is the most expensive hand bag you can ever buy :) However, this does not prevent Stikoudi to buy one ;)

Also, her nails look stunning as well. I talked too much about the car but nothing about her nail :)

So, buy her album to upgrade her ride :) And now you can follow Katerina Stikoudi on Twitter (@stikoudikaterin). I think this her real Twitter account, there is no verified tick but the photos proof that the account is real.

And here some photos from her latest video clip.

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Katerina Stikoudi

New Range Rover from Mayfair, London

New Range Rover, designed by the inspiration of luxury fashion store in Mayfair, London. Lost the appearance that connect the off and on road driving in the same vehicle. Removes the real air vents to cool down the engine and introduces them as a design element. These are the words, which I have used since the new Range Rover was revealed by Land Rover. Many people also shared the same feelings with me for the new Range Rover. New look of Range Rover created an impression of an expensive handbag with robust design. 
These words were mentioned by me before I see the new Range Rover’s interior. Yesterday, I visited the Stratstone Land Rover dealer Mayfair, London. And there was the new Range Rover in black (now my favourite colour) in Vogue SE specification. Range Rover Vogue SE means, the car features nearly each of the optional equipment and literally there is nothing you can add more.
The black new Range Rover was fitted with 21-inch ‘off road’ friendly tires. And this improved the image luxury handbag dilemma. However, this did not prevent me to have look inside the cabin. And I can say one thing, cabin of the new Range Rover is a real improvement. The quality of plastic, the quality leather, the quality of craftsmanship is definitely in a new dimension. Unlike the exterior, interior of new Range Rover is new.
I am quite good at finding problems inside the cabin, wobbling plastic, huge gap between the parts, defect on leather. However, despite my all efforts interior of new Range Rover did not have any problems except one thing. The navigation screen.
I told this many times, the navigation screen of Range Rover does not produce high quality image, screen is not clear and you get a blur screen all the time. In terms if IT world, it is defined by pixel per inch (PPI). Apple offers one of the highest PPI index on their Retina display products (iPhone 5 PPI: 326). Increasing PPI results with clearer picture and higher quality. Anyone can understand the improvement on pixel per inch, you don’t need to be a nerd or engineer to identify the difference. 
Is it expensive? If you can have a Retina display iPad, this means it is not expensive to have one inside the new Range Rover! And I am sure that the customer will not change their mind if the price of Range Rover increase by €200 due to crystal clear navigation screen. Also, improvement on the navigation screen quality will match with the harmony of the interior.
The rest of the cabin of new Range Rover offers whatever you thing in terms of luxury. Memory seats with massage, heating and ventilation for each passenger. Panoramic glass roof offers a very pleasant environment inside the cabin. Ergonomics are quite good. Overall, there is basically nothing to worry about inside the cabin.
How it drives? I have no idea, I did not have chance to drive one. I am sure it is better thanks to lighter body.
My opinion, shall I buy one? For this interior, I would buy the new Range Rover and try not to look at it when I parked. Design of the new Range Rover is like ying and yan. Exterior and interior designs balance each other. 


What is a MILF? Land Rover Italia Answers!

What is MILF? Land Rover Italia created a new definition to legendary phrase. MILF first appeared on the American Pie 1 in year 1999. It was the nickname for the Stifler’s mom. Unfortunately, I cannot expand the whole definition here, you need to watch the footage from the American Pie 1.
After many years, Land Rover Italia redefined the MILF as Mountain I’d Like to Face. Here is the new definition of MILF and this is how you make a campaign go viral.

stifler' mom: milf
stifler's mom: milf
stifler's mom: milf
stifler's mom: milf
stifler's mom: milf
stifler's mom: milf

Stylish and Luxury Escape on 21 December 2012

21 December 2012, according to Mayan calendar, the world will end. Some people do believe and some people don’t. However there is one thing is obvious, everyone wants to know what will happen on 21 December 2012.

If you believe the world will end up 21 December 2012, I have some luxury and stylish tips for saving your life. I would like to start from the car, you may go for Mercedes G-Class, Toyota Land Cruiser, Range Roverand Nissan Patrol. All of these SUVs are the best of the best on off road and any type of adverse terrain.

However, I need to pick one! And I am going for Toyota Land Cruiser. Land Cruiser is one of the toughest SUV on market, it is preferred by governments, diplomats, militaries, explorers. Land Cruiser does look quite but it may not offer the same level of Range Rover luxury. But, keep in mind our main aim is to survive! So, Land Cruiser will not break down, it is capable of going over any type of obstacle and Land Cruiser has its own coolness! Land Cruiser is rare, tough and cool. And Toyota Land Cruiser is the only SUV, which is gloves friendly. All the interior is designed to be operated by gloves!

Toyota Land Cruiser V8 is powered by 4.5-lt turbo diesel engine with 286 PS of power and 650 Nm of torque with 6-speed automatic transmission.

Now what to wear on 21 December 2012! For women: The coat is Mulberry Mongolian goat hair and leather coat. It is made from goat hair and promises to keep you warm with organic materials. You can wear whatever you like inside the Mulberry coat, because it will keep you warm at any condition. The bag is Bottega Veneta Intrecciato leather tote. It is big enough to accommodate many things inside, secured by the zipper. The bag should offer as much space as possible and it should be secured easily.

And for the boots, Alexander McQueen Shearling and leather ankle high heeled boots. They are matching with the Bottege Veneta bag and also the fur matches with Mulberry coat. Alexander McQueen boots offer great traction thanks to its chunky soles. And the last is the gloves, Causse Gantier Shearling gloves will match the coat and keep you warm. The rest of the collection is based on your taste.

For men: The coat Alexander McQueen Double-Breasted Shearling Coat, honestly with this coat you can start living in north pole! The bag, you need on as you will be in case of emergency, Yves Saint LaurentFull-Grain Leather Holdall Bag. This is similar to tote bag but way more masculine. For the boots, I am going to the classic Mark McNairy Timberland Chunky-SoleSuede Boots! They are not that aesthetic but they will do their job. And lastly the gloves, Mulberry Sheepskin Gloves. You can easily drive the Toyota Land Cruiser with these gloves, don’t worry!

Toyota Land Cruiser


Mulberry Mongolian goat hair and leather coat £3500
Bottege Veneta Intrecciato leather tote £2690
Alexander McQueen Shearling and leather ankle boots £1125

Causse Gantier Shearling gloves £300
Alexander McQueen Double-Breasted Shearling Coat £3995
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Net-A-Porter, Mr. Porter

Alexander McQueen Dress for £12,415!

Alexander McQueen, the iconic British fashion brand. I always love to write about the McQueen, it is one of the very rare fashion brands that are capable of pricing the collection as expensive as a second hand car.
I did a very comprehensive research on internet to find out the price of Alexander McQueen’s latest collection. And I found it, Embellished silk-chiffon and lace gown dress designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen’s Summer Spring 2012 collection with the price tag of £12,145 (~ $20,000 or ~ €15,000)
I can imagine the thoughts that are going round inside your mind! Who is going to pay this amount of money to Alexander McQueen’s dress and let me answer! Only size 40 is available; 38, 42 and 44 are sold out! If you were planning to buy this dress and you are not in size 40, sorry it too late! But don’t worry, I have a solution for your problem :)
Let’s connect this fashion topic to cars, for this amount of money you can easily buy a second hand Ford Mondeo, BMW 3-Series, Audi A4, Volkswagen Passat, BMW 1-Series, a bit old Range Rover and many more!
And in my opinion, net-a-porter should offer insurance service to dresses like this. I am definitely sure that if someone could pay £12,145 for an Alexander McQueen dress can easily pay the monthly insurance :)
And here is the technical details of Alexander McQueen Embellished silk-chiffon and lace gown.  I am just referencing it, because it is too complicated for me :)
“Raw-edged and plissé silk-chiffon gown is spliced with intricately beaded lace, with both fabrics cascading into a beautiful sheer skirt and train. The high neckline and cutout bodice are hallmarks of this acclaimed collection, so be sure to showcase them with a neat updo” (Net-A-Porter, 2012)

Range Rover Evoque vs. Infiniti FX30d

Range Rover Evoque vs. Infiniti FX30d. This comparison does sound a bit ridiculous, but they have on mutual point. The price tag! Infiniti EX30d is much bigger than the Evoque and Infiniti is targeted to a higher segment. Basically, comparing these two vehicles is not reasonable. However, their prices are bit similar!

Infiniti FX30d GT Premium model is powered by a 3-lt diesel engine with 238 HP and 550 Nm of torque coupled with 7-speed automatic gearbox. And only needs 8.3 seconds to reach 100 km/h with the top speed of 210 km/h. Infiniti FX30d features bi-xenon headlights, electric and memory seats, heated and ventilated seats, key-less access, surround camera, radar guided cruise control and the list goes.

Range Rover Evoque SD4 Prestige is powered by a 2.2-lt diesel engine with 190 HP and 420 Nm of torque coupled with 8-speed automatic gearbox. Similar to Infiniti, Evoque needs only 8 seconds to reach 100 km/h with the top speed of 195 km/h. The features are quite similar to Infiniti, except radar guided cruise control and ventilated seats (I really these two features). And Evoque is way smaller than FX and I consider the Evoque as the biggest designer handbag you can buy on market.

Let’s go back to price, Infiniti FX30d GT Premium is £54,000 and Range Rover Evoque SD4 Prestige is £49,000. The price gap between these cars is only £5000. If you find this very high, you can go for Infiniti EX30d and it will be cheaper than the Evoque. Unfortunately, Evoque is an expensive and becoming more popular on street, which leads to reduce exclusivity. Actually, Infiniti is not designed for European market and some of the interior bits may not charm you but, still Infiniti is a very well built and offers a very good vehicle for a very good price.

I know many people will not go for an Infiniti over a Range Rover, because that’s Range Rover. But Infiniti still deserves a chance.

This comparison is done for European market, other markets with heavy import duty on bigger engines is going to extend the price gap.

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Eterniti Artemis Super-SUV: Contemporary Personalisation of Porsche Cayenne Turbo S (Updated)

Eterniti Artemis, the Super-SUV or contemporary personalisation of Porsche Cayenne. Last night, I was in north-west of London in Park Royal. It was the Eterniti Motor’s first dealer, the boutique luxury car maker. Many of you may not heard of Eterniti Motors yet, that’s normal because Eterniti is a brand new car company concentrated on one product called Artemis.

Artemis is one of the goddess from the Greek Mythology, daughter of Zeus and Leto and twin sister of Apollo. However, this Artemis is very different from the one in Greek Mythology. This Artemis is based on three notions; luxury sedan, sports car and SUV.

Eterniti Artemis is a personalised version of Porsche Cayenne Turbo S. However, the personalisation is not only limited with the exterior and interior! Engine, drive train is modified to match with personlisation. I would like to start from the engine, the sports car notion.

Artemis produces 600 HP and 750 Nm of torque from the same engine (4.8-lt Twin Turbo petrol) you may find in Cayenne Turbo S. These figures are far beyond of any other SUV except Mercedes G65 AMG, but that’s a G-Class. Moreover, the further modifications are done for the jet fighter inspired exhaust, drive train, active anti-roll bars and wheels. The wheels of Eterniti Artemis are massive, 23-inch! I guess, I never seen that big wheels for a such long time. However, despite the massive size of the wheels they don’t look that bad.

The exterior is definitely something you cannot see every day on the road. It is designed from the scratch, despite the size of the Porsche Cayenne, Artemis does not look that big from outside. However, it is massive from inside. As Eterniti Artemis is the first Super-SUV on market, their aim is to offer a luxury sedan feeling in an SUV; in order to achieve this Eterniti had to revise the interior. And Artemis offers two individuals seats at the rear with heating, cooling and memory functions. And also, the rear seats are moved back to improve the rear legroom, which is a must of a luxury sedan.

Also the whole interior is personalised from floor to ceiling. The floor is covered with lamb wool rugs and feels amazing! I never experienced this type of comfort inside a car. And the ceiling is covered with LEDs to create the atmosphere of a clear sky with stars. You may find this Rolls Royce! The centre console is completed with natural wood and carbon fibre and alcantara leather is used in many parts. The exceptional uniqueness of interior design reflects the horizons of the personalisation. If you order an Eterniti Artemis, you have the freedom to personalise everything!

I would like to go back to performance figures again, the Artemis is capable of accelerating to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.5 seconds and with the top speed of nearly 300 km/h (186 mph). The revised drivetrain offers a unique handling performance for a car at this size. The revision is done by Alastair Macqueen, who worked in Jaguar XJ220, Le Mans 24 for Bentley and Jaguar and Artemis is tested by Johnny Herbert. I talked with people who drove the Artemis and they told me it has a phenomenal handling. It is hard to believe but when you see the 315/25 23” wheels, you are convinced quite easily. Still, when you buy one don’t try to push the limit :)

In the end, Eterni Artemis is a new competitor for luxury car market targeted for Rolls Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin and a bit of RangeRover with the price tag of £210,000+. I am sure that many from people Russia, USA, Middle East and China are looking forward to have a car like this. Because, it is combines the luxury sedan, SUV and sports car in one pack. And from economics perspective, instead of buying three different cars, you can have everything with one Artemis. Now, Artemis sounds good priced!

Alastair Macqueen – Chief Engineer
Alan Mobberley – Head of Design, Interiors
Tim Sugden – General Manager
Mark Carbery – Head of Brand and Communications


Cars in James Bond Skyfall

James Bond Skyfall, I have just watched the movie and I wanted to write about the cars in the movie. Because, there are more cars placed in Skyfall that you imagine.
The list starts with Land Rover Defender and Audi A4. Then JaguarXJ as you expected, then we Range Rover as usual. China sequences starts with Mercedes S500 (S550 for US market) and the taxi was a Volkswagen Passat. And we saw Land Discovery 4 as police vehicles and as a normal vehicle. I totally forgot the wrecked Volkswagen Beetles in the Turkey.
The London Police was driving Kia Optima, Sportage and Opel/VauxhallAstra. I really don’t know whether the London Police drives Kia or not! And the fire trucks were Dennis, a British classic. Later on, Bond left the Jaguar XJ and moved away with the Aston Martin DB5.
If there are more cars, I will update the post later. It was quite hard to keep up with in the Skyfall :)

Land Rover Defender
Audi A4
Jaguar XJ
Range Rover

Mercedes S-Class
Volkswagen Passat
Land Rover Discovery 4
Volkwagen Beetle
Kia Optima
Kia Sportage
Opel / Vauxhall Astra
Aston Martin DB5
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