Maybach Video Clip with Jay Z and Kayne West

After the shock of Jay Z and Kayne West’s video clip of cutting Maybach into pieces, I found something more interesting! Maybach Music Group, you didn’t read wrong or I didn’t type wrong. There is a record label founded by the most stylish person at the Range Rover Evoque event with his sleepers, Rick Ross. Maybach Music Group seems to be inspired by the Maybach car, how I know? Just watch their video clip and you can understand it very clearly!

There is one thing, which I cannot understand for very long time! Why the rappers are obsessed with Maybach, not with Bentley or Rolls Royce. They use these brands on their video clips too but they have a high level of predisposition to Maybach. And the underlying reason is, they love Mercedes! What does this mean? They love Mercedes, Mercedes makes Maybach and they love Maybach. Very simple explanation for a complicated emotional bond.

I am very happy for one thing, Wilhelm Maybach never seen all these things! Who is Wilhem Maybach? Founder of Maybach brand, and he played key role during the first years of Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft. Herr Maybach is a very respectful engineer and he had important role during the development of modern four-stroke engine.

Unfortunately, his brand end up with video clips :(

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Lost a Maybach on a Video Clip (Jay-Z and Kayne West)

Maybach has never been a dream car for me. Despite its state of art, technology and perfection in in every detail could not hinder the S-Class bits from my mind. In terms of sales figure, Maybach was a disaster for Mercedes, if Hollywood directors read the Maybach’s story they may make a movie based on a real story. Despite receiving low demand and overtaken by Rolls Royce, Maybach is a great car. You can see the perfect German engineering in every single detail, and it can be considered as the capabilities of Mercedes’s engineers. However, these facts don’t help to increase sales. They only help us to develop an emotional bond with the car.
Unfortunately, not everyone feel the same like me! Last week, American Rappers Jay-Z and Kayne West released a new video clip called Otis. In terms of music, they great talents! However I first read the title of the video clip, I didn’t dare to watch it. Usually this type of video clips; there are many girls, lots of money, champagnes, luxury cars, luxury house and etc (Reference, 1st video). Nothing really different or original. I think they thought the same and decided to boost the creativity with this video by destroying a Maybach.
Yes, dear Jay-Z and Kayne West destroyed a Maybach on their latest video clip. I wish they destroyed the car and finished the video, but they didn’t do this! Instead, they made it worse. Extremely worst, honestly they made the worst and the most expensive car on planet. They pushed their creativity into boundaries and decided to replace the front engine bonnet with the rear boot, cut the doors, cut the roof also, probably removed the catalytic converter to boost flames from exhaust, and covered fenders with shiny metals. They didn’t finish here, lastly they placed something on the boot which completed the scenery. These unidentified things remind me the Enterprise from Star Trek.
Overall, I gave ZERO to Star Trek inspired cabrio Maybach. Creativity, ZERO! Originality, ZERO! Aesthetic, ZERO! Jay-Z and Kayne West are great artist but they should focus on music not on car design :( After this video clip, I started to love Maybach more.

In the end, we realised you have lots of money! Jay-Z and Kayne West promoted their video really well on social media, well done ;)

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