Rebecca Jackson: The Best Female Car Reviewer

If you are reading this article from the USA (most probably), you may not have heard of Rebecca Jackson. If you are reading from the UK (maybe), you will know Rebecca from the Telegraph’s YouTube channel and her racing career.

How I do know her? I do not test cars and try to avoid driving them (a bit controversial given I write about cars). I know her from her YouTube channel; she reviewed the Bentley Continental’s storage space inside the glowbox :)

However, I never thought that I would actually meet her, but I did. I met her at AutoTweetUp and at Autosport International.

The main reason to cover her on my blog is to mention her YouTube channel. Unfortunately, car reviews are mostly done by men and this makes things a bit monotone. That’s why I skip most of the car reviews on YouTube.

However, I really love the angle of Rebecca’s reviews. Yes, she is a professional driver but she is not obsessed with the exhaust noise on the car reviews or testing pointless cars like Mercedes-AMG (they only make noise).

Lastly, she is finished University of Bath! It is one of best university. I tried to apply for a PhD, they asked for a GMAT!

In case you are searching for a car review on YouTube (you will do it in few hours time), add Rebecca to the search query.

Rebecca Jackson

Rebecca Jackson

Rebecca Jackson

Rebecca Jackson

Photo Credits | Rebecca Jackson