David Coulthard Celebrate Red Bull Formula 1 Victory | Moments Before Disaster

David Coulthard celebrates Red Bull’s Formula 1 victory on the top of the Burj Al Arab hotel’s helipad. Let me give you a brief knowledge about the world’s first seven-star hotel in Dubia with the height of 321-metre. And there is helipad on the top of the hotel. 
Literally, doing donuts with a Formula 1 car on the top of the Burj Al Arab hotel needs some bravery and lunacy. As all the Formula 1 drivers are a bit lunatic, it is not surprising to see Coulthard celebrating the victory over there. 
I just wonder, if something went wrong and he lost the control, what could have happened?

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Formula 1 is Back to America: Red Bull

This year Formula 1 is going back to US. Nearly for one-decade, Formula 1 did not appear in North of America and they wish to make an impressive return, also increase the awareness. I mentioned impressive because Red Bull’s footage to celebrate the Formula 1 is back in USA definitely highlights this. It has a really amazing story, all the details are very well connected with the American culture and reflects the exclusive character of Formula 1.
To understand what I mean, you need to watch the whole footage.

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