Christian Louboutin Men Boutique at Selfridges

Christian Louboutin men boutique is opened at Selfridges. I didn’t make a typo, that’s true the legendary skyscraper high heels manufacturer Christian Louboutin expanded its men collection and made a bold statement the men boutique at Selfridges. From now on, Christian Louboutin will be looking forward to be desired by men like women. And I am definitely sure that, many people will be checking the red soles of the men shoes. Hence, Christian Louboutin empire will expand to men territory.

However, men territory is a bit different than the women. We don’t like to shop during the season and finish all shopping during sales. Because, most of the men items in fashion stores will be available during the sales, for that reason, there is no need to rush during the full prices!

Christian Louboutin is different case like Apple. Like many women, men also accepted the statement of having a pair of red soles! That’s the point, having a red soles. Until this time, it was quite hard to identify the brand of men shoes. If you prefer the Christian Louboutin men collection, it will be the easiest way to be differentiated from the crowd. That’s why I am expecting to see demand to Christian Louboutin men collection during the season as well!

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