How to Make a Formula 1 Car by Infiniti Red Bull | DIY

How to make a Formula 1 car by Infiniti Red Bull? If you are planning to make a Formula 1 car by DIY skills, here is the solution for you. First video is about Design and R&D, second video is about Composite, third video is about Manufacturing. Infiniti Red Bull team released YouTube videos to show you how to a make Formula 1 car. Unfortunately, it is not as easy to make cupcakes like you see on Pinterest. 

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Infiniti Red Bull

Interview with Ben Sayer (PR Manager of ProDrive)

Today I was in Ben Sayer, PR Manager of ProDrive. If you are a bit interested on world rally championship, I am sure you know ProDrive. They worked with Porsche, Subaru, Ferrari, Aston Martin and Mini. Their job is to develop cars for racing, especially for word rally championship.
For me it was a great experience to visit ProDrive and see their heritage cars. Since I was a kid, I always heard ProDrive on TV but did not have opportunity to visit their head office. Thanks to Ben, I have been to head office of the legendary ProDrive.
In interview; Ben and I talked about future world rally championship (RedBull will in WRC), how live coverage of French WRC stage will be, history of ProDrive and their engagement with manufacturers, of course social media.
It was great to hear that ProDrive appreciates the works of bloggers and doing their best for us to create our content.
It was a great interview and great experience to be in ProDrive. I am sure you will like the interview and have an opportunity to see how the head office ProDrive looks like :)