Product Review: New Apple iPad Mini Retina | Does It Worth to Buy?

New Apple iPad Mini Retina. Does it really worth to buy? Definitely, Yes! I wasn’t a fan of iPad Mini since the beginning, I was thinking the full size iPad would be the best experience but I was wrong. First of all, before iPad Air, iPads were heavy and not that small to fit everywhere. That’s why many people including me, started to use their iPads less and less. The weight of device was the major issue and it wasn’t smaller than a laptop. So, larger screen mobile phones and ultrabooks or Macbook Air started to replace the unique place of iPads. 
However, the new iPad Mini Retina changed everything. It offers the same level of pixel-per-inch level with iPhone 5S, 326 ppi! The screen of the iPad Mini Retina is very sharp, you can see every single detail so easily. Also, Mini Retina is way lighter than a full size iPad, only 330gr! And this makes it easier to carry around everywhere and you don’t need to sacrifice a huge space for the device.
The performance of the iPad Mini Retina is at the same level with iPad Air. The same processor, same graphics performance, the same amount of RAM. So, this makes the Mini Retina a very good alternative. Also, you can read newspapers, magazines, website without any problem. The Retina display gives you a very clear image.
If you wish to have a fresh start with iPad, Mini Retina should be the best option.