When Top Gear Starts? Unofficial Preview

When Top Gear‘s new season starts? Here is the answer, 27th January 2013 at BBC2 on 20.00 GMT.
Here is the unofficial preview of the next season of Top Gear. Top Gear tries to use Bentley Continental GT as a WRC car. And also Top Gear tried to jump Mini’s in a platform in France but they failed!

Top Gear Live 2011 NEC Birmingham

Yesterday I had to wake up early and it was Sunday! On Sundays, nobody likes to wake up early but I had a great motivation for it. I had a press ticket for Top Gear Live in Birmingham and I didn’t wish to miss this opportunity. So, I travelled to Birmingham NEC for the show. It was very crowded, I think half of the Birmingham woke up early yesterday :)

The exhibition area was excellent, I had chance to see the interesting cars featured on Top Gear. Hopefully, the cars have the dirts from the adventures. However the best bit was not the Top Gear cars, it was the Mercedes CLK GTR. This car is one of the most expensive car in the end of 1990s. It was built from LeMans races and had a very distinctive style. And, it is really hard to spot one. Because, it was so expensive and not available anymore. Hopefully, there was on CLK GTR in the exhibition. I forgot to say, there was a Ferrari 250 GTO!

The show! As you would expect, Clarkson made lots of fires, explosions and many other things. I wasn’t shocked with these things. However, the show was more than a car show, it was like a dance show done with many cars. The time sequences of their movements and the accuracy was amazing. I really appreciate the drivers, it may look easy but I am sure that, it is really hard to do all these moves without any mistake.

The main concept of the show was recreation of Olympics based on the car mentality. And it was really funny :) But I don’t want to talk more, but you should see it! It is an excellent transformation of Olympics games conducted by cars. You shouldn’t miss see the curling with real cars!

And lastly, if you still hesitating to go. There are thirteen reasons, which will motivate to go! Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari Enzo, McLaren MP4-12C, Ferrari 458, Ferrari California, Mercedes SLS Cabrio, Aston Martin DBS Volante, Alfa Romeo 8C, Ferrari 599 GTO, Porsche 911 GT2 RS, Audi R8 and two more. Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember the last two.

And special thanks to Performance PR.

You still have chance to see this amazing show, just click check the link.






Sense of fashion by Jeremy Clarkson

Many of you did not watch TopGear yesterday. World cup was a better option, actually I don’t like football and world cup was not something very interesting for me! The ones who did not watch TopGear missed something!
For many years, Jeremy Clarkson was an icon for catastrophic sense of fashion. Contrary to his knowledge on automotive, he is a one start rated EuroNCAP crash test for fashion. He wears the same things for decades! I know many of his clothes are from designer brands but the way he combines them are worse than Cee’d!
However yesterday, something has happened and he remembered that there is something called fashion! And hopefully he was looking decent. Sometimes I agree his comments for automotive but for fashion, no way! Richard Hammond is doing much better than Clarkson ;)

Top Gear, Gold Jacket :)

BBC Top Gear is the most very well known car programme on earth. And for last fourteen seasons, they made us laugh even the automotive business was sinking :) I really like the way they review the cars and most of the time, I agree with them. However, there is one such thing I won’t agree with them. That’s their sense of fashion :) I am not an expert on fashion but James May’s gold jakcet makes it clear that; listen their top tips for cars but they try their fasion style ;)
Picture is from;
BBC Top Gear Season 14 Episode 7