Puma by Rihanna Lace Up Heels – Trainers

High heels and Puma. These are two notions that usually can’t be used together in the same sentence. However, high heels and trainers are two contradictory things, and if you know how to put them together that would be perfect. A pair of high heels with the comfort of trainers, Puma by Rihanna Lace Up Heels (10.5 cm heel height)!

Puma and Rihanna have tried this with this limited edition. Usually, you don’t see a pair heels on a sport’s brand website. In collaboration, Rihanna and Puma have changed the rules of the game. They have changed them so well, that the trainer heels are out of stock at the moment.

This collaboration has proved that there is a market for high heel trainers!

Also, Mariah Carey decided to wear these heels for her training session at the gym! Probably the best footwear for the gym workout.

Unfortunately, these heels are sold out on the Puma’s UK online store.

However, it seems like they are still available on Flannels’s website!

Puma by Rihanna Lace up Heels Puma by Rihanna Lace up Heels Puma by Rihanna Lace up Heels

Puma by Rihanna Lace up Heels
Puma by Rihanna Lace up Heels Mariah Carey
Puma by Rihanna Lace up Heels 5

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Apple iPhone 5C and Chanel Plastic Lego Clutch Bag

iPhone 5C, the plastic iPhone received lots of criticism from everyone including me. Because, iPhone 5C is made from plastic and expensive. When you combine plastic and expensive, it reminded me one thing, Chanel’s Lego clutch handbag or plastic handbag. This summer Chanel’s pure plastic clutch handbag became a trend and from Rihanna to Rita Ora and Kim Kardashian paid nearly £5500 to a plastic handbag.

I am sure Apple noticed this trend as well, people who are working at Apple are very cleaver and also Apple hired people from luxury industry. So, Apple will be another key player of luxury industry to offer plastic things with high prices.

So, don’t complain for the plastic iPhone 5C, Chanel did the same and people bought it. Unfortunately, humans are not very rational when it comes to shopping.

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Chanel, Apple