Porsche Design for H&M

When we will see this slogan in advertisements? H&M worked with Jimmy Choo, Comme des Garcons, Karl Lagerfeld, Sonia Rykiel, Stella McCartney, Viktor and Rolf, Roberto Cavalli and Elio Fiorucci. Every year H&M offers a special collection from a very luxury fashion designer and people rush into H&M stores to grab one of them. Offering limited edition clothes, shoes and accessories boost their sales and strength their brand image, also helps to improve brand royalty. This strategy became a part of H&M’s marketing strategy and every year, there is a new brand to offer.
As H&M worked with nine different fashion brands (may be more), I am expecting to see Porsche Design for next year. Why not? I love Porsche Design and I want to buy them with reasonable price :) All of those brands are luxury and their fanatics had chance to buy the reasonable priced ones by H&M, like ladies are buying Jimmy Choo from H&M. I know Porsche Design is working with Adidas but they could do an exception! I know that, if Porsche Design will be in H&M its brand image and target group may not fit with this picture. The others managed this very well, I think Porsche Design can do it also ;)