Mini: Rocketman

Today’s bigger news was Ferrari FF’s live press conferences. However there was anohter news which was skipped by all of us. Mini’s sexy concept car Rocketman!
Until now I have never ever had any sympathy to Minis. I always found them too snob and too expensive and could not generate a bond between their design and my expectations. However this new Rocketman is something totally different than others! This car is really small, unlike its big siblings, this car is only 3,5 metres and that’s all. A proper Mini, which has the same DNAs with the original Mini.
Unfortunately this retro style length comes with a compromise, actualy it will have adverse effect on your Facebook friends. This car only accommodates three people, that’s all. Two in front and one in the back. But this triangle accommodation has a great advantage. The doors and boots open in a way no body can ignore it. If BMW product this car with these doors and boot openning style, their sales will boost. People would buy it just for this engineering excellence. In addition to its erotic doors and boot, it only consumes 3lt of petrol!
I think this is the best Mini of the century. I would definitely buy this one.

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