Dear Rolls Royce;

I think this is the best of writing a post about Rolls Royce. Even you like it or not, Rolls Royce is the most respectful car brand on earth, may be one of the most respectful brand on planet. Unfortunately some customers tend to paint their Rolls Royce in pink but these are exception.
British icon Rolls Royce started a new era for their marketing strategy. It is social media! Yes, after the new Ghost model they realized that there is a new world called internet and people use it for everything. Actually I haven’t met with Rolls Royce Twitter page or blog site but I saw their application for iPhone.
This software is one of the main reason to shift from Nokia to iPhone. You have a Rolls Royce logo in your mobile phone and it is free! That’s unbelievable. However that’s all for that application. Unfortunately it does not offer more than Zara’s application! With Zara’s application, you can look at shirts, t-shirts, shoes and etc. Of course you cannot try them from your mobile phone. And Rolls Royce did the same, you can configure your Rolls Royce Ghost and that’s all!
I am sure Rolls Royce will say, what do you want more? For instance, virtual experience of driving a Rolls Royce and how comfortable it is. That’s very complicated to achieve. You need to design an application like a game and people will drive the Rolls Royce in various terrains and experience how excellent comfort is offered. In order to understand the level of comfort, you can place a glass of champagne and it won’t spill to anywhere despite adverse road conditions. Also people can experience the power reserve dial which is only available in Rolls Royce.
Rolls Royce have many opportunities for mobile applications but even for now what they have done is excellent. I am expecting to see a new application from Rolls Royce that will go beyond Zara’s. Unfortunately I have to have an iPhone to use this application!
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Ben Sherman: A great composition of British Automotive by a t-shirt

July is in the middle of summer with clear sky and hot temperatures which motivates us to go around air conditioned shopping centres for American readers shopping malls. Like the temperature is rising, the sales are rising which makes us to shop more. Don’t be excited, there is no %50 sales in Porsche or in Ferrari. I am talking about normal shops, where you can find normal goods without engine and wheels.
However in normal products you can still find wheels and engines, of course in a different way! Today I found a great t-shirt in Ben Sherman store (British fashion brand). I don’t know how I missed this t-shirt during the season, hopefully I missed it because it is now only £10 :) ( Link for t-shirt )
As you can see from the pictures, a great composition of British automotive industry was told. Yes, this t-shirt is telling every bit of British automotive industry. The way they combined different parts of different cars and created a new one, that’s excellent job for a fashion brand! However they missed the front grills of Rolls Royce and Bentley. But it can be acceptable.
So, if you wish own one you have to look around Ben Sherman stores. In Birmingham, I found many of them on shelf but there are no one internet.
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Bentley, Rolls Royce and Ben Sherman Websites

Best perfume for your Bentley and Rolls Royce

Perfumes and cars are not directly related with each other. As the cars tends to make smoke and horrible smell for many years, nobody ever tried to put them together. Until the French car manufacturer, Citroën offered some kind of perfume kit for interior. But I have never seen someone who likes that stuff!

Recently Italian fashion brand Dsquared introduced a new perfume series called Wood. It name is not that attractive like other perfumes and I ignored its advertisement on magazines. When I saw it in stores, I found it interesting! The bottle was covered with wood! Yes, matte wood. If you are interested on cars, you will understand what I am saying. Wood, a real wood looks magnificent inside the car and light wood interior looks much better than carbon fibre. As I saw the wood covered bottle, I tried the tester. Surprisingly, it was smelling better than I expected. Dsquared2 was never in my radar, as it is charging huge amount of prices for their designs. Contrary, the wood covered and has the impression of interior of a luxury car was a great idea.

Actually Porsche Design should have done this earlier with their metal covered perfume bottle, because I never liked it. It has the impression of forgotten car part. And nobody wants to have a bottle which looks like a air filter.

If you are planning to buy a perfume and have a cool looking luxury bottle, try Dsquared Wood. Honestly, it can be purchased just for the bottle also. However if you own a Rolls Royce or Bentley, you can ignore it, because you already have enough wood inside your car :)

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Bentley, Rolls Royce and Dsquared Websites

Rolls Royce in Gumball 3000 : (

Gumball 3000 is not my favourite motoring event. Actually, I don’t like the idea of racing on public roads while people are driving without knowing that you are racing. Also the way they dress up the cars! There are always very nice cars in this race; Rolls Royce, Bentley, Bugatti and others. These brands have heritage and unique character but dressing up these cars for like you go to a Halloween party is not looking very nice to me! This is totally objective. Actually, I don’t like to modify cars in any way!
A few days ago Gumball 3000 started again and as usual there are many very nice cars. The most pathetic one was the Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe. This car is the Rolls Royce’s very unique model with an exquisite design and I can clearly state this; Phantom Drophead Coupe is the most elegant, the best looking, the most exquisite car on planet. Every single detail of this car is excellent. However it appeared on Gumball 3000 in pink colour! Like this, you can see from the picture. This is the time, words became senseless. You can watch this on 03:08 from the Youtube video.
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Rolls Royce Website

Contemporary interpretation of Rolls Royce: Ghost

Recently Rolls Royce started to offer a new car; small, affordable, more accessible, for every day. That’s Rolls Royce Ghost which costs more than £200,000 in UK without any options or any other customization! When you consider with its big brother Rolls Royce Phantom and mega yachts, Ghost is a reasonable luxury car. Unlike Phantom, it is designed to be driven by its owner :) When you buy a Phantom, you are not supposed to drive by yourself, you have it have a driver! And this huge problem of hiring someone to drive your Rolls Royce emerged the idea of Ghost :)

Ghost is based on BMW 7 Series, as we expected. BMW is the owner of Rolls Royce Cars. I can guess, many people are saying; this is not a proper Rolls Royce, it is owned and produced by BMW. However this debate about automotive industry reminded me the Greek Philosophers which I studied during my undergraduate years. As I could remember they were relating every material to nature and this means everything is produced by nature. I hope I don’t remember wrong :) The debates about car companies are similar to this, Rolls Royce owned by BMW and other owned by someone else! So What? I am not happy with this but if they have relationship like BMW and Rolls Royce, they don’t have any problem.
Ghost is based on BMW 7 Series, they are sharing same V12 engine, same transmission and many other parts which we don’t see from outside. However, Ghost is not like a 7 Series! Its design denies any relationship with 7 Series and proofs that it is a totally different car. Even though I didn’t have any chance to see this car in real life, even the pictures can be considered as a solid proof. Every single detail, from outside to inside reflects the Rolls Royce heritage. The suicide doors, power reserve dial on dash board, umbrella hidden inside the door, climate control dials.
They are showing that, this car is a proper Rolls Royce. Unfortunately, BMW’s stupid iDrive can be seen inside but it does not seem like the original iDrive. I hope that, it won’t be useless like in BMW’s. One of the interesting features of Ghost is its suspensions; Ghost is riding on air springs which help to increase comfort and isolate passengers from the road. These suspensions also have same something very interesting! Suspension system can understand the where the rear passenger is sitting and adjust the suspension to maximize the comfort for that side. Anything else?
Ghost is a great car! I love Phantom but I would not wish to drive one, it is a car to be driven by someone. This can be added to list of dream cars. Despite its huge price tag, what Ghost is offering is worth all that money. I can say one more thing; Ghost is a contemporary interpretation of Rolls Royce :)
Pictures are from;
Rolls Royce Website

Why British cars are so different?

Nowadays, when we talk about British cars, our brain reminds us something! There are no pure British cars are left, I mean the main brands. A quick flash back; Land Rover and Jaguar (Tata), Aston Martin (ProDrive and Kuwait Investment), Bentley (VW), Rolls Royce and Mini (BMW). So; when we see a British car, we will see something which is not British. However; this became normal in automotive industry, many brands are owned by some other brands. I don’t stick on that too much, as long as the brand’s heritage and spirit are alive, different companies can be their owners.
However; I cannot say British cars have very good reputation in reliability and offer competitive high technology. If we compare with German cars, there is a huge gap between them. Actually, there is a huge gap between German cars and whole world! The interesting thing with British brands is their spirit did not die, despite the adverse things happened to them. We still turn our heads and look at the new Jaguar XJ or we want to own a Range Rover or win lottery and experience exquisite time with a Rolls Royce Ghost. All these dreams are supplying blood to British brands. But how did this happen? Why don’t we feel the same excitement to a Mercedes S350CDi 4MATiC or to a Audi A6 2.8 Quattro or to a Toyota Avensis?
All those brands have something in common. The visibility factor; yes their quantity is too much to be exclusive. And this is the main obstacle, however Maybach is very rare but people don’t rush to it. This shows the importance of brand heritage. Italian cars have similar characteristics with British cars and they are very exclusive but they don’t bring the combination of different materials to create luxury interior, we don’t feel like we are inside a British palace. Porsche is a car to be loved but its product range is too wide for a dream. Nobody wants to dreams a cheaper car. And complicated engine range, you need to learn which engine is better than others.
I am not saying those are cars bad or inadequate to be exclusive. Those cars are more reliable, offers wide range of choice. You could live your dreams with sacrificing your future wealth. Drives very well, performance is great. Actually, most of the British cars are good for watching. Ferrari offers great technology, great sound. I would prefer Ferrari over an Aston Martin. Mercedes offers everything better than Jaguar. Porsche is the perfection. But we all look at an Aston Martin DBS, when we hear it is approaching to us. That’s something which cannot be described with words! Is it power? No, most of the Mercedes AMG models offer more power. Is it brand heritage, who can remember everything about that brand so quickly. Or is it the design? Ferrari has fantastic look also. British cars are showing our dreams in real life. If we want to buy one, other alternative might be offering a better car. However if we have chance, I am pretty sure that we would like to drive an Aston Martin or Bentley Azure for some time.
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