No More Manual with Audi S4 + S5

I am not fan of Audi, and never emerged an emotional bond with their cars. Eventually, they did something which can change my point of view to Audi!
Recently they announced something really impressive! Audi will not offer manual gearbox for S4 and S5 in Europe. Great decision! I really don’t like manual gearbox, I only prefer the manual if the automatic is really terrible, hopefully nowadays only few automatics are senseless and slow, the rest is doing quite well.
Many people love the manual and bear the torture of clutch. I’ve never been a person like this, since automatic gets better, offers faster shifts, more gears, and paddle shifts I stopped loving the manual gearbox. Nowadays, you can change the gears faster than manual thanks to double clutch automatic and feel like driving in a Formula 1 car!
I think many people started to think like me, and Audi dropped the manuals like BMW will not offer manual in new M3 and M5 (reference: gossips), also Ferrari is not offering manual with its new model 458!
Officially, the era of manual is gone and new technology automatics are more efficient, shift faster and gives more pleasure. I really don’t get the pleasure of using clutch. Paddle shift feels more connected with the car :)

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