New Mercedes S65 AMG Again?

New Mercedes S65 AMG is available to buy but don’t buy it. Yes, we were waiting the state-of-art S65 AMG for very long time. Really? Why do you need to buy a Mercedes S65 AMG? Oversized engine, out of control traction and too much power. S65 AMG is powered by a V12 petrol engine with 630 HP and 1000 Nm of torque. All the power is delivered through 7-speed automatic gearbox to rear wheels and you would never be able to utilise the 1000 Nm effectively ever.

I know Ferrari offers 700 HP a V12 petrol engine but Ferrari does not make cars as heavy as a castle. Mercedes S-Class is not a car to be remembered as light, and therefore excess amount of power on rear wheels will only let you to burn the tyres. And all these power is limited 250 km/h. Oh come on! You buy a Mercedes S65 AMG and have the same top speed of Mercedes A45 AMG!

New S-Class is an amazing car, S63 AMG is amazing car. S63 AMG can be ordered by 4MATIC, all wheel drive system. But what is the point of buying S65 AMG? I know it is for V12 market! But a Bentley client will not jump to S65 AMG, because it has twelve cylinders. S65 AMG has everything except a soul, that’s why we all criticise the car all the time.

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