Why I am single? The Solution is a Samsung Galaxy Gear

Why I am single? Very simple question and commonly asked by many people. Despite the sophisticated communication tools, people are desperate to meet with each other. And that’s why dating apps are the gold mines in digital world. 
I think Samsung realised the problem of being single and decided to market their smart watch Samsung Galaxy Gear. The scenario is very simple, one boy has a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and a Samsung Galaxy Gear watch. Basically, he is a nerd and has no chance on this woman. However, this is an advertisement and he impresses her with a Galaxy Gear that has a battery life less than a day. 
The functions of Galaxy Gear; video recording, voice recognition, phone calls, music player and etc.  impresses her. However, Galaxy Gear does not have enough battery power to impress a woman all day. Galaxy Gear will run out of battery during the video recording and the whole show off or impress campaign will be ruined. 
The other guy has a mobile that is not connected with a smart watch and he fails all the time. But he should worry, next year Apple will introduce something like iWatch.
The end line; if you don’t want to stay single go buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and a Galaxy Gear.

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Upgradable Mobile | Phonebloks

Upgradable mobile phone, Phonebloks? This sounds quite impossible at the moment. We cannot replace the parts of our mobile phone and improves its performance or fix the broken part. However, thanks to Apple and Samsung, they introduce each an upgraded version of your mobile phone. And literally, the new one is basically the same one you already own. This is how they make money. 
However, a company called Phonebloks founded by Dave Hakkens from Netherlands designed a module mobile phone. Actually, that’s a project now and they will reveal more news on 29th October. Their idea emerged from the thrown away mobiles because they had a broken part. At the moment, mobile phones designed not to be repaired! If we can repair or upgrade them who is going to buy iPhone 5S or Samsung Galaxy S4? At the same time, our addiction to technology and cannot utilise their full potential generate a huge amount of waste. And mobile phones are not that easy to recycle!
So, Phonebloks offer opportunity to upgrade your mobile, change the specification, fix the broken part. Actually, you will have your bespoke or customised mobile phone. If you want a 12-megapixel camera, you will replace the camera. If you want a longer battery life and never use bluetooth, you will remove the bluetooth and replace the battery with a larger one. And all these parts will be sold their online store.
I think the concept of Phonebloks emerged from the desktop computers. Desktop computers offers indefinite number of customisation and you can replace any broken part or upgrade it.
If a very big company is supporting this project, we may see the Phonebloks quite soon! And I think Intel might be supporting. Just watch the video and you will see the Intel Quad Core 4 brand! This sounds very responsible because, Intel wants some share from mobile phone industry and capture the market of ARM!
And I am sure the fanatics of Android and Apple will be against to this idea as usual :)

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Samsung Smart TV with Kate Upton

Samsung Smart TV with Kate Upton. I am sure you all know the fight between the Samsung and Apple. They sue each other nearly for everything, just to increase their market share and become more dominant. However, Samsung did something that changed everything!

A few months ago, Kate Upton appeared at the Samsung Smart TV campaign in USA. Kate Upton danced and sang with Flo Rida. As a result of stunning performance by the Kate Upton, Samsung became viral. Of course, Apple does not have a product to compete with Samsung Smart TV but people started to talk about Samsung. Apple is doing everything to take a part in consumer conversation and succeeding very well. However, Samsung found a very clever alternative to have a strong conversation topic, Kate Upton :)


iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Nokia Lumia 920

iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Nokia Lumia 920, the most search product review on this planet. And the result? Honestly, they are more or less the same thing. They all share on thing in common, they are too fragile to be a mobile phone like old days.
Here is a great advertisement from Nokia. I would never go back to Nokia but, that’s a really nice advertisement telling the ugly truth of mobile phone fighting.

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Apple iPhone 5 in Details

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5! This is one of the most common conversations around us nowadays. Which one is better? Samsung Galaxy S4 or Apple iPhone 5? Samsung made an amazing press launch for their latest Galaxy S4 and offers very competitive features that could shake the foundation of the iPhone 5.

As I am an Apple user, I have a huge tendency to keep using iPhone. The main reason for this, iPhone is manufactured with state-of-art precision in details and premium quality materials are used. One of the key advantages of iPhone 5 is the quality feeling. Apple has allergy to plastic like I do, and they rarely use plastic materials on their products, especially with iPhone 5. Thus, the first impression of iPhone 5 is always better than Samsung Galaxy. Also customer service and warranty system of Apple cannot be achieved by any other competitor on market. I always feel safe with Apple products, because Apple will take care if something goes wrong.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is made from polycarbonate (kind of very very strong plastic), which reduces the premium finish effect and moves closer to solid design. Keep in mind solid design does not mean premium quality. Despite polycarbonate, Samsung Galaxy S4 brings some new technology to market. Galaxy S4 can track your eyes and pause a video when you are not looking at the screen, and you can control the apps with hand gesture. I am sure hand gesture feature in Samsung Galaxy S4 will be very useful when you have the gloves! Also, Galaxy S4 shows the temperature and air pressure of your environment. Actually, these features are very useful. They may sound simple but I really feel the lack of temperature function on iPhone 5. And also, Galaxy S4 offers 441 pixel per inch (ppi), which is more than the iPhone 5 326 ppi. This means, Galaxy S4’s screen shows sharper images than the iPhone 5.

Downsides of Galaxy S4; you still need to open the back to replace your SIM card, it is way too large for a pocket, plastic body does not match with premium price tag. I wish that Samsung released the Galaxy S4 in carbon fibre body, I am sure that it will be appreciated as much as the iPhone 5’s anodized aluminium body.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is literally more powerful than a netbook or low-spec notebook. It does not look as exciting as the iPhone 5 but probably the best Android device on market at the moment. Actually, if you want to buy a smart phone you either buy iPhone or Samsung, that’s it.

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Apple iPhone 5

Galaxy S4: Qualcomm Snap Fusion Pro, 1.9 GHz quad-core processor / Samsung Exynos 5 Octa, 1.6 GHz quad-core (depends on market)

iPhone 5: Apple A6, 1.3 GHz dual-core processor

Screen Size
Galaxy S4: 5 inches
iPhone 5: 4 inches

Galaxy S4: 130 gr
iPhone 5: 112 gr

Galaxy S4: up to 64 GB internal and 2GB RAM
iPhone 5: up to 64 GB internal and 1GB RAM

Galaxy S4: 13 megapixel rear and 2 megapixel front
iPhone 5: 8 megapixel rear and 1.2 megapixel front

Video Capture
Galaxy S4: 1080p HD
iPhone 5: 1080p HD

Galaxy S4: 2600 mAh
iPhone 5: 1440 mAh

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Rely on me

Thanks you my Dell XPS M1330 which tends to break down every five months! Using this kind of laptop forced me to find alternatives to replace my Dell XPS! And I found Samsung for a replacement. However the interesting thing about Samsung was not its size or weight. It was the advertisement :)
9 hours battery life was mentioned by travelling from Paris to Barcelona. Three minutes of advertisement is mainly taken inside Jaguar XK but not the new, the old one! During this trip, Samsung X420 provides 9 hours of battery power and the girl did not get bored. And the advertisement gives the message, “you can rely on me”. The interesting thing in the advertisement was not the battery life of the laptop, it was the reliability of Jaguar. Unfortunately, Jaguar’s are not considered as very reliable cars but it did not show any trace of problem :) Actually, a Maserati GranTurismo or new Jaguar XK would fit better than the old Jaguar!
Here is the video of this advertisement;