Brand new Ferrari just for €8500 !!!

There are approximately 3,3 billions of men on this planet. And most probably more than half of them have some emotional relationship with Ferrari or they won’t say no to a reasonable priced Ferrari! Honestly, this is a dream; a reasonable priced Ferrari !?! I guess this could happen when the premium of exchange shifts from money to something else :) Practically impossible!
This impossible dream now possible :) You can have a Ferrari, actually a Limited Edition model just for €8500! This is not a joke and it is brand new. It has an engine, couple of wheels, it goes forward and backward also and this is not a toy. And it is not fake either :) All of these just for €8500 and you can order it from internet.
The ugly truth of this story is; €8500 Ferrari is a Segway! Segway was suppose to be the most impressive invention of 21th century, a new way of transportation. It has only two wheels and you stand while you are driving it. I am pretty sure that, you saw this thing somewhere. Once I had chance to drive and it was something very interesting. This interesting senseless invention can be ordered from Ferrari Store Website for €8500. Honestly, this is the only Segway which can be driven. It looks really nice, especially the Ferrari touching parts made it very sympathetic.
If you are planning to buy this thing, just order the Ferrari edition, at least you could a Ferrari which can be driven to everywhere :)
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