Tom Ford Flip-flops for $990

Many people say Apple products are overpriced and that people should not buy them, or alternatively, Apple should lower its prices. Personally, I disagree. The fashion industry is far more brutal than the tech industry. A prime example is provided by the iconic brand Tom Ford.

Recently, Tom Ford introduced flip-flops with an astonishing price tag of $990 (£790). The reader may be incredulous, so I have attached the product details. Nothing about this product seems high-tech or expensive to manufacture. If you do not have them, nothing will change in your life. They are simply a pair of high-quality flip-flops with a Tom Ford logo. This, supposedly, justifies the price tag.

My conclusion is that tech brands are not, in fact, helping people to ‘show off’ or flaunt their status to others. If a consumer owns a $50,000 Mac Pro desktop computer, for instance, no-one will ever know, provided he or she does not carry it with them everywhere. On the other hand, for decades, fashion products have been designed to foster self-esteem and nurture vanity, and they succeed very well in doing so. A pair of Tom Ford flip-flops can highlight your financial success more than a Mac Pro or an Apple Watch. Moreover, high-end fashion products are not seen as frequently as their tech counterparts. Thus, the scarcity effect applies and makes these Tom Ford flip-flops more noteworthy than a tech product.

In sum, the next time you say that Apple makes ‘expensive products’, think twice. Apple and other tech firms have spent years refining their technology, and they spend billions (for example) on research and development. Moreover, their manufacturing process is complex and expensive. Making a computer is not like making a pair of heels or flip-flops. Therefore, technology firms must charge high prices to cover their costs and invest in future products.



Photos // Tom Ford


Christian Louboutin Hot Chick vs. So Kate vs. Pigalle

Here is the eagerly awaited comparison: Christian Louboutin Hot Chick vs. So Kate vs. Pigalle. Introducing Christian Louboutin’s latest shoes, the stunning Hot Chick! These heels boast a height of 130 mm without a platform.

While it’s true that Christian Louboutin acknowledges these shoes are not primarily designed for walking, I genuinely appreciate their candid message on their website. However, this minor limitation won’t dissuade any woman from indulging in these fashionable heels from Christian Louboutin.

So, without further ado, let’s delve into the delightful visual comparison of Christian Louboutin’s iconic pointy-toe pumps:

Enjoy :)

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christian louboutin hot chick vs so kate vs pigalle

Photos Credits // Christian Louboutin


Louis Vuitton Cruise 2014 Shoes Collection

Louis Vuitton Cruise 2014 shoes collection is here with a little bit of delay. I have uploaded the whole Cruise 2014 collection; high heels, sandals, flats and boots. You can find the rest of the collection on these posts: High-Heeled Clogs / High-Heeled Pumps

Adidas Goodyear Collection Shoes

Adidas Goodyear is back again. For quite long time, I did not see any shoes from Goodyear in Adidas, even if they had some, I didn’t notice them. However, I just saw a new model in Adidas’s online store and remembered the first time when I saw the Goodyear collection in Adidas nearly eight years ago!

In 2004, there were many Goodyear collection shoes in Adidas stores around the world, however this did not end for long time. As time passes, we tend to see less and less Goodyear models. Meanwhile, some of the models were not that eye-catching at all. Therefore, I didn’t pay that attention to Goodyear collection, except this model!

This new Goodyear collection Adidas worth a look! And I have no idea which Goodyear tyres was inspired for the soles of these shoes. In the past, Goodyear Eagle F1 was the most common one, but long time ago.

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