Skoda Fabia vRS is great car without advertisement!!

If you are PhD student, they expect you to develop a critical review perspective. This means you have to criticize anything with no reason :) Hopefully I have this ability for cars, I can criticize and adorize (I created this word from adore) at the same time. However in some cases, automotive firms and their “very” creative marketing teams does the entire job for me like Skoda. They try to create a campaign which is supposed to be creativity but ends up rubbish. Actually I love Skoda more than Audi. I don’t know why but it is more sympathetic to me. May be Skoda is not trying to grab your money like Audi, basically many Audi and Skoda models share more things than Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton share in common.
Anyway, let go back to criticize task. Skoda revealed a new Fabia vRS, I don’t know what V stands for but they put it there. This new fast Fabia is basically step sibling of Polo GTi. They share everything in common but Skoda cost less because it probably has something in rubbish quality. If you are going to buy a normal Fabia, you don’t pay attention and you just but it. However when comes to GTi league, things are a bit different. First of all, if you are planning to buy a fast hatchback regardless of its size, you should buy a VW. Because, this is the rule! No Audi S3 or RS3 or Seat something I go very fast but I look weird Skoda I am vFast model. Unfortunately world has changed and people don’t want to buy Polo or Golf GTi that much and they want to buy these stupid things. In order to increase the attention on these dull and fast cars, marketing teams work day and night. As a result of this superb performance, they created the worst advertisement every made in automotive history. Actually they achieved their goals, I am writing about this ad and Fabia vRS but the advertisements’ target group is a very big question mark. Before watching this terrible advertisement, I had sympathy to Fabia vRS but after watching the ad, I will not never ever think about vRS again.
Too much creative ended up with this advertisement with unidentified target group. I really don’t want to embed video to blog, here is the link. On the other hand, Fabia vRS is a product of German technology and probably drives excellent and offers sophisticated technology. I still respect to car, as I respect its engineers!
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